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hey Phatchristy!!! Yeah, oatmeal is pretty much the standard that doesn't make me yack! Glad to see you here :)
oatmeal with fruit  cheese and crackers eggs fruit
Yeah, dh has been handling most of the grocery shopping. It's too much for me right now. I'm wishing my cravings would kick harder in so that something tasted or sounded good. For the most part, everything tastes or seems yucky. I had been eating pretty good for the last few days, but today the only thing that sounded good was peaches and  pizza crust...just pizza crust, the toppings grossed me out.
My first birth was pretty awesome-mild pain, super quick pushing, (birthcenter birth, no meds) hooboy I thought I had the labor thing down. Till I had my second child, a homebirth. My God, the pain is indescribable. Hours of back labor-she was a malpresentation-and wouldn't/couldn't turn due to a super tightly wrapped around her neck, short cord. She just wouldn't descend. I was truly in hell for 36 hours and I remember just standing in my shower and deciding that it was...
Our thrd child was a planned UC. Prior to that we had two midwife assisted births (birthcenter and homebirth). For us the UC just made sense, a natural progression. I did a lot of praying, meditation and I just had an overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be 'just fine' and you know, it was! It was by far my easiest and most pain free birth. My two children after that were midwife assisted because I never got that 'ok' that I should/could handle it myself-and...
Great post-I like the advice. I had this with a couple of my kids, the worst one being with my 4 yo, it prolonged the pushing longer than any of my other births-usually pushing took literally, minutes-with my 4 yo it was several hours. I was completely flabbergasted at the difference.
It will be a while before I get with our midwife-I typically wait till around 12 weeks. I doubt I will be doing an ultrasound. 
I'm really sorry
Many hugs, Aphel...
Me too! I'm pretty pathetic right now. I try to eat at least a little every half hour or so but this is horrible....I can barely do anything.
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