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Gotta love a wall of amps! My 15 yo dd is in three bands (we are near Nashville and there are no shortage of musicians or organizations here) my 18 yo dd is in one...my 13 yo  son plays bass and my 11 son plays drums...dh and I also goof off. We have a lot of fun! 
I agree that what I know about Laura Shanley she would probably go with the intuition thing and seek care if her gut screamed at her to.   For ME-I'm not frightened of the multiple prospect-just a different realm of educating oneself and dealing with nutrition in a different way to keep the babies in long as possible, etc. I'd have to have a profound sense of peace about the whole thing...and then prepare, prepare, prepare...otherwise I would find a midwife who had a...
I don't typically gain weight real early-I have to stuff myself to gain 20-25lbs over the course of the pregnancy. Drives my midwives (or myself) crazy. HOWEVER breastfeeding..that's when I gain. I'm trying to figure out why. I figure I don't eat enough (but i do!) and my body holds the weight...I can't imagine that I eat too much. I'm 14 wks and have gained about 6lbs which is really good for me.
We just moved our drumset, too! (we are a very musical family but the drumset needed to be stored for awhile-i was getting overwhelmed. The guitars and amps are still out, though!) We are also moving our old king size bed into the bedroom-though it will take up most the room...we will need it for the whole co-sleeping thing, here, too. Yesterday i didn't do much of anything. I slept really wrong and screwed up my neck which then progressed into a pretty bad headache so...
yay! I'm not the only one!!!! We got a lot more done last night-I went through three trunks of genealogy stuff and consolidated it down to two...an amazing feat o which I am very proud.  I really need to get some more baby clothes-I wasn't expecting to expect again so I donated everything and I am starting over...but yeah, I would be washing them and sorting, etc.   The house is shaping up nicely :)
Yeah, it's a phase of importance for me, right now. We have a small space and sometimes I feel overwhelmed at the close quarters...my 13ds swears that it's cause it's cause I want to move and we can't so I am trying to make the space look new to me.
Howdy!  Anyone else completely rearranging their house? It's like I have been nuts getting everything 'just so' decluttering, rearranging rooms, etc. It's like I am nesting waaaaay early. Anyone else?
Yup, been feeling movement since 12 wks. I'm 14 wks on saturday and the flutters/bumps are getting a little more frequent. I love it!
13wks and a few days here-feeling better overall, though I get tired pretty easily. I'm feeling some flutters-which is great...and my fundal height is a bit higher than my dates, but I figure it's because this is our 6th.
I haven't felt anything yet (12 wks tomorrow) and still haven't gotten a doppler heartbeat...but had a free us two weeks ago and all was well...   edited to add: JUST HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!!! woohoo! the little one was swimming about and dodging but I finally heard it for a good minute!!!!! *whew* I feel better now :)
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