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I belong to mainstream sites and EVERYONE seems to have their kids in some type of therapy. Honestly, I don't see a point. My twins were preemies, a little behind on things such as talking, etc. Really didn't utter a word until they were close to 18 months old other then "dada". My twins didn't have any type of therapy and they are perfectly healthy 2.5 year olds. I think it is over-rated and I also truly believe that people (not all but most) do it b/c there is a certain...
Quote: Originally Posted by ishyfishie Is it bad that when dd plays with her doctor's kit, we take the syringe and say, "C'mere baby, lemme give you some polio!" :
As of now it's "case closed" but like the pp said, I am always researching and learning more and more, but I do not see the vaccine industry changing drastically for a very long time so I'm pretty confident it stating that I'm a case closed type a girl
My dh and I saw a commerical for a toy that was a dog and the child could be the vet. Of course they have vaccines that "help save the dog's life" The gimics are sickening :
My twins were earlier then your LO (30 weeks), born very healthy but the first 2 winters, we didn't go anywhere! We still visited family but only if they were not sick, not even a runny nose. Made everyone wash their hands, used the hand sanitizers, etc. But as far as public or a large group of people, no way. We didn't do the sygansis and they never got RSV.
I do ask but if they don't want too, I don't push.
My dh has a Go-T with the long side burns that are nicely trimmed that "link up" to his go-t. VERY SEXY!!!!
I used a recliner in my living room, it worked very well and had plenty of room to do what I needed.
Quote: Originally Posted by sbrinton A quick update...my water broke. Now we're waiting to see if labor will start or if this will go on for a while. I'm frustrated because the doctors are very anti-vaginal birth...hmmm... How are you doing today?
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