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Hi everyone. I haven't posted here in a long time but now that we're nearing the end of our journey, I'm feeling more focused. Still planning a homebirth and bought a birth tub/ DH bought a converter for the hose and BR sink for filling it up. Wish I could keep the house clean for when things happen but hopefully it won't bother me too much if it isn't as spotless as i'd like. What are you guys planning to feed your midwife and./ or doula?
I'm not doing it. I got a glucometer from walgreens on sale for 14.99 and got the rebate back for 18! It came with a few test strips and prickers. I did wind up buying more which is kinda expensive but I feel better checking my sugar after g real food.
My son was similar when he was young, getting dressed to get out of the house was a battle, though not quite to the same extent. I frequently had to wrestle him to get him dressed and felt so guilty he never really played in the snow because getting a snow suit on him was like, never going to happen. We luckily found some clothes that he tolerated and he just kept wearing them over and over. Is your LO in OT? They gave us a sensory diet that I think helped which included...
Just want to share hugs, it take SO much energy to parent these kiddos and can just be so frustrating at time. More energy to you!
I am now having obvious movements throughout every day. It's so reassuring!
What sad news, I'm so sorry!
Yay for your exciting news, congratulations!!
I'm sorry for you loss. Wishing you peace and comfort.
I had been eating a really healthy diet, a lot of raw recipes and smoothies for several months and had lost about 14 pounds before getting pregnant. With all the morning sickness, I totally slacked off on my exercise and didn't have the energy it takes to keep up with the good diet.  I've gained 8 pounds and I'm 15 weeks.
 Funny you mention that, my DS has ADHD and my brother said maybe it made him an early mover. He certainly never stopped moving after birth!! As soon as I felt him it kept up, not like what I'm feeling now. Sort of what you said, a slithery worm like feeling here and there or a jab but then days of nothing.
New Posts  All Forums: