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Everything! Omg, I have been constantly starving the last week or so. It's like I can't get full. I've been trying to stick to fairly healthy and nutrient-rich foods. I've been doing mostly oatmeal or cottage cheese and pineapple for breakfast. Dinner we do a lot of things liked baked chicken and vegetables, fish in some kind of sauce, legumes, curries, that sort of thing. I like doing leftovers or salads with protien for lunch, but sometimes I do those Annie's frozen...
Totally! I do crossfit four times a week. I talked to my instructor and I really want to try to keep doing that throughout pregnancy. I know I'll have to modify a few months in, but I think staying active and strong is so great in pregnancy. Also, I do a pole dancing class that is so much fun (and a really great core and upper body workout!). I figure I'll have to drop that at some point, but I hope I can do it at least through 16 weeks or so. The 1000 minute challenge...
I'm not, but if you start, you should share the link -- I'd love to read it. I used to be a journalist, and I had a regular column my last pregnancy that was kind of like blogging. I do sort of miss it.
This is me playing on the ring forest. So much fun. And this is DS hanging above the hot lava pit. He loved swinging on the rope swing into the pit.
So yesterday we spent three hours at this place that just opened up called Hot Lava. It's kind of like an obstacle course/American Ninja/Parquor gym with all kinds of fun stuff. They have a slackline, a hanging ring forest, rope swings, lots of climbing stuff, hanging stuff, jumping stuff, a big springy gym floor, I don't even know how to describe it. It's made for adults but kids are allowed there until 2 p.m. It was so freaking much fun. And we got sweaty and tired and...
Congrats and welcome! Pregnancy is a pretty amazing time. I think it's great to practice a lot of self-care and go easy on yourself. Staying active helps a lot too. Also, people love sharing horror stories, but statistically whatever horror story they're sharing is probably pretty rare. It helps to read positive birth stories and not stress about unlikely bad outcomes.
My son is five and he wants a baby brother or sister soooo bad! Actually, he wants five of them. All at once. I'm not going to tell him until I'm about 9 or 10 weeks, because I'd hate to have to explain to him if we lost the baby, and also, because as soon as he finds out, he'll tell everyone and their dog and their grandmother and the mailman and the hairdresser.
In my last pregnancy I read through a lot of the birth books -- Gentle Birth Choices, Birthing from Within, Ina May, that kind of thing. This time around, I just picked up this book called "Excercising through your pregnancy." It's more geared to health professionals, but it debunks a lot of the myths about how a pregnant woman is a fragile flower who can't get her heart rate up while she's expecting.   Fictionwise, I've been on a huge Kate Atkinson kick.   What...
Have fun in Europe, Lab!   8/2 - 20 minute walk 8/5 - 30 minutes crossfit, 60 minutes pole dancing 8/6 - 30 minutes crossfit 8/7 - 40 minutes crossfit 8/8 - 30 minutes crossfit   Total - 210 minutes
Thanks, Jaxy! I just noticed you're in nola -- I grew up there.   8/2 - 20 minute walk 8/5 - 30 minutes crossfit, 60 minutes pole dancing 8/6 - 30 minutes crossfit 8/7 - 40 minutes crossfit   Total - 180 minutes
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