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I also chose several reasons but the overriding issue was my personal history of bad and unexpected results with sedation, anesthesia and pain medications. I knew I have a high pain tolerance, and embraced a natural birth happily. FWIW, I just had a major kidney stone attack two weeks ago and that pain was much worse than anything I remember experiencing in labor. I was begging EMTs to give me something for the pain and that is so out of character for me.
I'm a single mom and I cook for myself and my daughter. I also shop at Costco Do you have freezer space? Here are two "batch" things I've made this weekend in preparation for recuperation from surgery later this week: Pork Rolls: 4-7 lb country style (boneless) pork Big jar of salsa 2 cans refried beans Corn tortillas (3 to 4 bags) Put pork in crockpot, cover with salsa, and cook all day or overnight on low. Strain the meat and shred in a big bowl; add refried...
Hi mamas, I used to have Dr. John Ness as a Primary doc and loved it, but moved from Tallahassee in 2006.  I'm back now but he is not accepting any more patients.  I really liked his integrative style and natural approach and would like to find someone similar.  I am leery of general practice drs due to some very bad experiences with them over the years, so much so that I feel happy to have a PPO insurance so I can just go to specialists as needed, but I would like a...
Last year my daughter received a wrapped bottle of green olives from the scratch-and-dent store, complete with discounted price written in black marker on the glass. This from my mom.  She DOES like olives, though.   For several years in a row and during her most prosperous time, my sister gave me the "free gift" portion from her department store makeup buys. You know, the samples with a makeup case, still in cellophane.  Other years, she would get me discount...
The best I've found, so far, is $.95 c a lb at Winn  Dixie here (with card.)  I bought one and will roast it and then make soup from the rest of it to freeze.
Anyone planning to get post-holiday turkey on sale?  How low should it go and what days are best to look for it?  I have a deep freezer and have always gotten turkeys the day after Thanksgiving and made soup, broth, and stews from them, but I'm wondering if I can be more strategic with deals this year.     
Hello all, I'm posting here because I know many of you are informed in this area. Not actively TTC, but it's a possibility. I'm 43, have never -ever, ever, had a late period and now I'm 5 days late with 2 BFNs (latest one a FRER with FMU.) I have done a lot of forum searches and have seen it end up both ways as reported late BFPs or anovulatory cycles. Sadly I'm not charting. But....did have EWCM mid cycle. Had no AF symptoms at all - I usually get sore bbs, spotting...
Anyone experience these and if so, any treatment? I have multiple food allergies and have had hemorrhoids and at least one fissure in the past, not sure if thats related, but these things are painless and have gradually appeared and multiplied over the past 5 years or so. OBGYN has referred me to a general surgeon, but wouldn't really elaborate why .
Ham - You can freeze it in portions and if you have the bone, keep it and freeze it too.  You can make white beans and ham (navy or other type beans, onions, just a little ham and salt and pepper simmered until beans are soft.  This is one of my favorite comfort foods!) The bone can flavor bean soup or any other soup too, thrown in to simmer.  You can dice the ham and add it to eggs.  You can use just little of it to flavor greens (collards, mustard.) 
Thank you all for the good ideas and information.  I really like the idea of mother's helper and she'd be great at it, if I could find the right situation.   My priority is not to have her walk alone and secondly would rather she not be latchkey. Thanks again!
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