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I have a child who is allergic to organic antibiotic hormone free poultry. She has no grain allergies, so it would not be a reaction to what the animal is fed.
Quote: Originally Posted by tayndrewsmama Oh wow, that would have been bad! I don't think I was tested for any meats with my ELISA ACT. I don't know if I even want to be. What is it exactly that people are allergic to in a meat? Could it have anything to do with what the animal has been fed that they are using for the test? One of my twins is allergic to chicken and turkey, the other is anaphylactic to pears, so I am glad I nevered...
I only measured a week or 2 ahead until about 30 weeks.
My twins were tiny, for the first summer (born in June), they laid side by side in one side of the Inglesina Twin Swift, and their 2 year old sis was in the other. My 3 year old at the time stood on the bar in the back when necessary. Our twin swift has a ton of miles on it, 3 years old, and still going strong.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthea™ modestneeds.org Wow! That was fast! Thanks. It seems we don't make enough $$ to qualify. : There goes the beautiful Christmas we had planned for the girls.
I think it was on here that I saw it in the first place. It is a website where you post a specific financial need (i.e. $1500 for a new radiator), and people donate to assist with that need. Anyone know what I am talking about?
LOL - my husband could say the same thing about me and our girls - every time he leaves me alone with them, he comes home and someone is nakey - my girls love to be naked - while potty training (on a break now) it was easier if they were naked - now i cant get them to wear clothes
We found out by u/s at 13 weeks. I had fewer symptoms, no sickness at all. I was tired, but since I also had 2 under 3 already, I figured that was part of it. I was eating ALL the time.
Congrats - she is beautiful At least you were able to be at Texas Roadhouse - I labored at McDonalds with M looking under the table to see if the babies were coming out. The old man next to us was NOT amused.
I have twin girls twinadoes
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