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The only liver I eat comes from grassfed cows or pastured chickens... and it's a great source of vitamins.  This has a good explanation on why: http://nourishedkitchen.com/chicken-liver-pate/    I wouldn't recommend eating your typical factory farmed liver.
Ooh, it's been ages, I should check back in.  Still in Binghamton area, but I'm in Vestal, now.  And homeschooling.  Local homeschoolers (especially with kids reasonably near my kids ages - though my oldest is quite happy to play with much older kids - the friends she made at camp were all 12 and 13 *Sigh*) please contact me for playdates!  Also, locals should know (if you don't already) there's a number of crunchy mama groups in this area...
  I don't think you will need to worry too much about a gear check with a turkey trot run :)  I remember being nervous, too, but it's really not so bad.  Show up, pin you number on, tie the chip on your shoe lace if it's chip timed and line up toward the middle or back of the group (depending on what your pace tends to be by then... I'm guessing you're not running a 5-6 minute mile just yet).  And most importantly have FUN! 
I just read a book on my kindle (I think it must have been self published?) that had a TON of errors.  Like an editor should have been fired, if there was one.  The plot was decent so I stuck it out, but I sort of considered contacting the author and offering editing services.   Here's the link, if you're interested, but I suspect you won't want to read that much to find errors: http://www.amazon.com/Pieces-Silver-Controversial-Historical-ebook/dp/B004HB1W82
Well, if it's genetic... My husband and I both have/had very few cavities - none until we were teenagers... and both never needed braces.  Shouldn't our kids follow suit, if it's genetic?
I love that this came from "captain optimism"
I loved this skit.  We've liked him for ages, anyway, but the fact that his family is crunchy like ours is so cool!  I also suspect his hot pockets and mc donald's bits are because he is probably some kind of crunchy whole-foods family, but I could be just projecting... but there's been other bits that I was thinking "OMG, HE'S A FREAK LIKE ME!"  LOL
Ooh... I just noticed the race list.  I'll be doing the Wineglass half in Corning, NY (it's september 30).   I'm also planning the "color me rad" race in Albany NY on the 22nd...
Popping in after months and months away to say hi!    I'm training for my first half marathon at the end of september - just took my first 8 mi long run yesterday.  A bit sore today but this half marathon thing is feeling doable.
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