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The trouble is that testing for giftedness before 3rd grade is notoriously unreliable.  I suspect that's why you're being brushed off on this.  Some kids are just early bloomers on reading, some are late bloomers and it doesn't necessarily correlate with giftedness. :-/    Sorry I don't really have more for you than that.  My answer was to homeschool my kid, which is not what most people want to do.  
Let's see... 30+23+29 and counting so 82+?   Oh, wait, uhhhhh, about 12 months of that was tandem.
Consider reading the book "lose your mummy tummy" and also check out the stuff on diastasis recti from alignedandwell.com.  Basically, if your abs don't come back together properly post pregnancy (which most people's don't) it makes your belly stick out and seems like you have more belly fat than you do.  Not to say that there's not fat, too (I don't know, it's your body), but often this can help to pull everything in a bit and you lose inches despite not necessarily...
My 6 yr old daughter has seen hoarders with me... so I tend to bring up that that's how those houses got that messy... that no one ever cleaned up and they thought it was ok to just leave stuff all over.  Usually that's enough to get her thinking about it...
ok, I didn't see this before I posted.  My education degree completely collapsed any confidence I had in the public school system, and honestly that is why I homeschool (well, that and we can no longer afford private school).  NOT that there aren't good teachers out there... there are lots, but 1) you're not guaranteed one and 2) the administrative crap puts them in shackles.  *sigh*   Anyway, ITA.
I happen to have gotten a masters in education (which I hated and thus am not a teacher), but it's a convenient "out" for me.  I am "qualified" in the eyes of the people.  *sigh*  So usually I go with something like "well, the public schools aren't a great fit for my kids and I have an education degree, soooo...."    I guess this would be a spin on "Because I can"?    Anyway, I always want to question people on why they send their kids to public school.  It's not...
I'm paleo/primal-ish and haven't really lost weight, but I'm not very overweight (5 lbs over "healthy" weight) and am still nursing...  I'm hoping when he weans it'll drop off a bit.
NY has pretty strict homeschooling rules and we just use terms like "child directed" and "may include resources such as".  I have friends who are unschooling and for their quarterly reports they use a list of questions/answers/concepts that were discussed.  I.e. playing ball = science.  You just kind of broadly categorize things into appropriate categories.    That said, it's possible that Ohio is more strict. 
I was considering exposing her to "kid news" this year, I guess I should check it out more closely, just in case.  Good point.
I could see censoring adult books.  I'm not really sure I'd want my kids reading Stephen king or something, either... So far she just sticks to kid books though, so I haven't bothered with any of it.
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