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I think you are getting lots of great advice but think you should also try to talk to your local la leche league leader. I know our leader has experience helping momma's who had tiny nursing babies and ex's who wanted overnights. Also if you get lots of article save them and also see if you can get in contact with any the authors of the articles you wouldn't be able to admit the articles in regular courts but in family court their judges can relax evidence rules. Also I...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewMom0208 That is exactly my problem! I will act one way, his father in other way, won't he have to choose who to imitate? who to admire? who to follow? What do I do so it is not in his shoulders? He won't have to choose who to imitate he will grow up to be his own person, some of you some of his dad. You can decide who you want to be and how you want to influence him to grow but you won't be able be to decide...
Okay so when I read your post I thought I think I know this guy, by your description of him, I am going to PM you.
I think any unscheduled time needs more than 24 hours notice and he needs to ask not tell you he is coming to get DS. He doesn't need to tell you he is getting married but he does need to tell you he has a special event he doesn't want DS to miss and could he have him although it is not his time or schedule the wedding on his time.
I would tell her but do it sooner than later so she can rant etc. before the kids get home. I think it is unlikely that your DSC will not tell her this at some point and so you are leaving them to deal with the brunt of the announcemnt.
I think in addition to being at a difficult age your DSS just got new baby siblings at BOTH his mom's and his dad's house. So he went from being an only at two homes to being a big brother with parents with new babies who do not have as much time to spend with him. I think that routine is important. Also I was thinking a calender where he could mark off days until he goes back to his mommy's also you could put fun things on the calender, use stickers to show the things you...
It depends on the laws of the state you reside in. In my state you can have someone's parental rights terminated if you can show that they have had no contact and provided no support to the child in the last year. I would contact a local attorney regarding the laws of you state. Good Luck
If both parties agree to it you will have to write up a new order and file it and you will most likely, especially if one or both parties don't have a lawyer, have to go to court but with an agreed entry it will probably entail the judge asking if you both agree to the changes and addressing any concerns he may have with the order. This website might have information if you decide to do this without a lawyer. http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/child-custody/
This is not legal advice but I think you are going to have a huge fight and probably not much sucess suing for a change in custody although maybe you will get more time with DSD as a result. Thing like bad neighborhood, lots of time in daycare are not generally enough to make a change in custody but you could always get a judge that agrees with you. I think your best bet would be to get Mom to agree to the switch. Good Luck
I think it was definitely easier with my dd than it was when my son was born but I think was because DSS was older and had been through the experience before. When my DS was born DSS was 3 and he was 2 while I was pregnant and evil. He was 5 when I had DD and the age difference definitely helped. That being said after having 2 bio kids now I have to say that in the beginning I am all about the babies and DH is all about the bigger kids. I am nursing, I am tired and...
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