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You and your DP need to establish some house rules that apply to all the kids the same. Since your DSS is so small this is a good time to establish this but it CANNOT be only you who is enforcing the rules with DSS, it in fact can't be you who mostly enforces the rules. This will set you up for hard times and resentment for DSS. That said, most small kids I think need to have good boundaries and my kids always do better with a somewhat reliable schedule. Good Luck
Quote: Originally Posted by mommyto3girls Do you have stepchildren? If so, I really feel sorry for them if you can't love them as your own. Why is it that a step-mother can't love the child as the mother does? My girls are all my girls, Maia, Madison, and Sage. Just because Madison came into my life at age 2 1/2 instead of as an egg, does not mean I love her any less. :
You won't get CS the state will to suplement your tanf payments. if you don't want this to happen you have to not get tanf. sorry
I guess it depends, would it be a non-profit that got grants to provide this service or would it be something for profit that parents would have to pay for and how much? While I may have appreicated this when things were really yucky with DSS mom I don't know if we would have been willing to pay for a pick up place.
we use to bring a digital audio recorder for kid switch, we were told that in a custody/visitation evaluation the guardian ad litem would listen to them and even though it never got to this point it made us feel better to have the information
nak. You can give your LO any name you want, it does not have to be either of your names it could just be a name you make up. You don't have to have a legal name change yet to give your LO the name you intend to use- just give them that name and you can change yours later. Generally to do a name change and this may be different in different states you file in probate court, pay the fees and then have a waiting period where you publish notice of the name change so any...
Contact the school and get them to add you so that all the mailings they send out go to you as well as DSD's mom and then you will not be relying on her to inform you about what is going on. Good Luck this sounds super hard and yucky
I read and didn't want to not respond. I think what you are feeling seems totally appropriate and your DSS mom seems to be an incredibly selfish person. I think you are doing things fine. You don't bring up your frustrations to or around you DSS and you find a safe way to vent in a very frustrating situation. I think your DSS will probably figure things out on his own about hte people in his life and will know that your DH fought for him and his mom made him fight for him...
nak I started law school ft when ds was 9 mos, he is 2.5 now. I got pregnant in the middle of the year and this year i took nine credit hours a semester and gave birth during the middle of my fall semester. I also have a five year old DSS I took two weeks off made sure baby would take a bottle/ pumped tons then took her to class with me for the rst of the semester except for my two three hour exams. I went back from break w/o the baby when she was 3 months old. I am gone 3...
nursing and typing no court (probably) is going to allow a two year old to decide where she wants to live and they are not going to change her custody unless there is some kind of abuse/neglect...Have an addition entered into the agreement that if any sides talks badly about other side in presence of child they are in contempt of court. document interactions like the one above and any issues regarding this kind of discussion to your daughter mention this to the social...
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