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Since this is his 2nd fever I would take him to the doctor. Some people do not have severe coughing fits and it is still WC. You should have him tested to make sure; that way you will know if he is contagious.
I do BF and am taking SA (doctor told me not to give it to her). This is the absolute worst thing I have ever been through. I regret my decision to wait to vax every minute of every day. I would NEVER recommend anyone wait. Ever. My daughter is paying for me giving into fears. Pertussis is horrible. It basically tries to kill you.
My 5.5 month old has an unconfirmed case of whooping cough / pertussis.  Last Friday she had a fever (102.8) which continued for 3 days. I took her into the doctor immediately.  By Monday, she had a noticeable cough.  I took her in again and was told it was likely a virus that targeted the trachea.  Each day the cough got worse.  By Wed. she was coughing every 5 minutes.  The doctor told me we could give her a steroid, which I did, but it had no effect.  I had been...
Thank you for this gift!  Happy Valentine's Day!
How are you mamas finding time to exercise?  I am pretty much holding the baby (or nursing her ALL THE TIME).   If DH holds her, I have a million other things I need to do!   Weight check-in: I was 109 something today.  But, I would feel better about actually exercising!  I want to get strong.
Me, too-- my 5th and I have not lost weight as quickly.  However, I gained less this time, too, because my m/s was with me ALL the way until the end.  Not horrible at that point, just there.   It really is much more than the weight to me this time.  For years, I've been skinny -fat.  The scale # is low, but I have very little muscle and am not fit at all.  My goal is to start working out 3xs a week . .  .I feel up to it now, but with the kids sick I am not sure how.
How am I managing?  Well, we eased into it.  DD #5 was born the week before Christmas,so DH took off the whole week (has not done that since baby #1), and then the next week was a company-wide vacation, so it was TWO WEEKS with him at home.   My first day alone, my older DDs did not have school, so that helped.   I agree that getting everyone in/out of the car is the hard part.  I can't wait until spring, because we can easily walk to school . . .much less of a...
Yes, she absolutely sounds gifted.  I look at it this way . . .while not every child who is gifted will read/speak early, the children who do tend to be gifted.   Enjoy her!   skark, I agree so much with the play-based preschool!  If only we could find that for even the "grades"!
My DD went through that when she read books about illnesses . . .she thought a lot about them!  Like other "interests" it's faded, and she isn't concerned about that now.  She still likes to read books about medicine (esp. surgery) but does not take them personally at all.   My other DD went through that, too, but I think it was to get out of school!  
I am supposed to be working so I only skimmed the posts . . .   RE: cough-- my DD had one, too, to the point where she was on asthma meds.  They did nothing.  I did my own research, and found that it was probably a habit cough (like a tic).  Mentioned this to the doctor, and he agreed with me.  Once I explained what it was to DD, it went away!  She was not doing it for attention, but it was just "habit" so it kind of made her cough more since she'd irritate her...
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