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Too cute for words!  So worth the wait!
Woo hoo!!!  Welcome, little Samantha!
My friend sent this to me.  A beautiful song to listen to in these final days!   Colbie Caillat: Capri
Me, too!  It makes me laugh! 
Just subbing to see what everyone is up to!  Nothing going on here.  Getting a little tired of my family asking if it's time yet, if anything is happening, etc.  I am not sure why they think I'd withhold this information from them!   On one hand, looking forward to the baby coming, but on the other VERY grateful she's stayed put because it's made my work duties much easier. 
I can't believe everything you have gone through.  First-- my heart just breaks for the loss of your son.  What was his name, if I can ask?  I always like to think of little ones with us, and knowing their name helps.   Second, the fact that a physician would tell you to jump off a bridge under ANY circumstance sounds like someone who should be investigated.  Though there are always two sides to a story, I cannot fathom a situation (even if you were swearing!) where...
This is funny . . .if anyone has anything else that gives us some laughs, please post! http://wannabwestern.hubpages.com/hub/Getting-labor-started
Yeah-- looking beyond the traditional.  Well, not necessarily, as long as they show both sides.   We have SHR and she's seen it-- just looking for something that is longer vs. snippets, if that makes sense.
Yes.  Ultimately I decided not to use the name I really like because I looked it up on a baby name site where people who have the name write about their experiences.  Many reported being bullied with it, so . . .going with something else, and now I really like the new name. 
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