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I know exactly what you mean.  Even though you do pretty much always "know" if it's time, I think I am worried every single time that I won't . . .yet I tell other people not to worry.   With my first 3 when I was crampy, it ALWAYS meant I was about to go into labor and have a baby within a few hours.  These last two PG, no way.  This time has been the worst in that dept.  Almost daily cramps and I know they are nothing to think about.  On one hand I'm glad since I don't...
This sounds GREAT!  (Funny how gobs of stuff coming out could be so good!)  Nah, does not have to have blood.  Sometimes it's just a teeny bit and you miss it.  How do you feel?  Crampy?
I was the same way my schooling career; my GPA was all-important to me.  I went through both my undergrad and grad school on scholarship as well.  By grad school, I was a mom.   Now that I'm older I don't see it the same way at all, though I still live the same way (unfortunately).  I see some of my co-workers doing much less than I do, and guess what?  Same pay, but I am guessing they have a better quality of life. In fact, I get asked to do MORE work to teach them my...
Well, when my students are going through major things, I always give them an extension. You probably just want to be done, though, and not have this hanging over your head.  I also give them the advice that it's just a grade.  I teach many adults/people with families who have LIVES going on, so it's all about balance.  It's better to get your degree, do the best you can under the circumstances, and then move on.  Some people are perfectionists and give up-- no...
I think he has money problems for sure-- car being out of gas, not wanting to plan the shower (he might have thought it would cost him more than just being there), gift issues . . .I am not saying he is WISE about money, but I guess (for me) friends and family are never about gifts or spending money in order to spend time together.  Like hildare, I don't think politeness has anything to do with money.  He sounds like he has really good intentions, but maybe is immature...
Sadly, sounds normal, but I know it is awful.  I have had the sharp pelvic pains the worst this time, but mine come and go.  Some people have them non-stop and I just can't imagine getting through the day like that.  I hope it gets better for you soon!
No advice-- just hugs. 
Either we all have similar taste and are picky together, or DH is the picky one.   I have suggested these to DH and keep getting vetoes.   FlyGirl, Linnea is a top choice for me.  DH used to be OK with it (we were going to use it for #3) but now he says no.  Sigh.  No ideas from him, however!   Thank you, everyone!
Any chance your school has a writing lab?  Then they could edit for you!  Also, did you you check out the scoring rubric?  I always have students use it to grade their own work . . .not that they all do. 
That is AWESOME!  The timing was perfect all around.  So happy for you!
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