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They have a low VBAC rate and a higher cesarean rate.  One on one nursing, however. 
Sorry, I didn't see this!  KC and KW have said that they don't want to be discussed.  I don't know MAMAS - I overlooked the post mentioning them - so no idea.  I'd suggest asking them  :)  
    I am a birth professional, but I don't attend HB in MD.  I strongly feel that clients should respect their midwives privacy and what they risk to attend births.  It's easy to say 'oh, well, if you want to attend births you're taking on a certain risk' and I think all unlicensed midwives are acutely aware of that risk.  I also think that as a HB consumer, it's my responsibility to protect my midwife to the best of my ability.  There's a group - MD familes for safe...
I said TO PM, not not to lol.  And K's site doesn't say anything about attending births IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND.  You know, the state where it's a felony to attend births as an unlicensed midwife?  Maybe she's only attending in VA right now. Who knows.  But, I would hope that people would want to protect their midwife as much as they can if she's putting her freedom on the line to attend a birth. 
All of the midwives who attend births in Maryland that I know (and that includes all of the ones mentioned in this thread) would prefer their names not be mentioned in online forums.  I would think PMs would be fine, but there's always a risk of people who are not friendly to hb mws stumbling across threads in public forums.  I don't believe that any mw's website specifically says they attend births in MD (or DE for that matter).    Thanks  :)
I'm pretty sure that any unlicensed midwife attending births in Maryland would appreciate not having their name out on the internet :/
Where in Bucks are you?
I personally hate Pennsy.  I have never had a client actually get to use their natural birth suites, and every experience I've had with the mws they've been bullies.  I won't go there anymore.  That being said, I've heard that there aren't any midwives at Montgomery hospital anymore b/c of issues with their collaborative agreements, but I'm not positive about that.  I've heard good things about the HUP midwives, and I personally have had great experiences with the...
Yeah - Delaware midwives are in the same boat as Maryland midwives unfortunately.  There is the Birth Center in Wilmington though.
For VBACs I swear by Albert Einstein in Philly.  I have had wonderful experiences there as a doula - they do informed consent, they respect that you want a VBAC, and they do everything possible to make it happen.  If I had another baby and had to go to a hospital I'd go to Albert Einstein.
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