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Her "likes" on her FB page have been going up. You don't even have to "like" to comment either so I am betting that there are so many more of "us" than we think.    
If you look up adult vaccination coverage on CDC, it's pretty low. Some were higher than others. tdap for example was around 62% (probably because they force them on people for every little cut/bite that people go to the ER for.) The others were MUCH lower, from 10-40% depending on which vaccine. That's just the US. I bet other countries stats are even lower for adult coverage. There are 2.2 ish billion children in a world of over 7 million people. So herd immunity is...
Add me to this club. My 6th grader loves this game. He started making money off it somehow.  He has his own server and sells rank. Hopefully it is legal and it doesn't come back to bite him (us.) Haha
I love lentil tacos with organic corn tortillas topped with avocado or mango salsa. Yum! That's my quick go-to dinner.   Another quickie is red potato, kale, white bean soup in the crockpot.
I voted 9:30 but they usually don't fall asleep until 10 ish. (6th and 2nd grade.) They get up at 7:30 for school. Weekends are more like 11:30-12 but they sleep in.
My kids are 11 and 8. No vaccines ever. I haven't had any in 23 years. Mine have only ever had colds. No ear infections, no meds, no antibiotics, nothing....
I wouldn't worry either. I have two totally unvaccinated kids (and I haven't had a vaccine myself in 23 years) and we travel too, even internationally (we just got back from Mexico in November.)  My kids are bigger now, 6th and 2nd grade but it's not an issue. They are healthy and have a good immune system. If we come into contact with a bug, I know our bodies would work to fight it.
I get Castor and Pollux Organix for my almost 11 year old boxer. No corn, soy, etc.
I started researching vaccines in the late 90's (ok, 1999. I was 19.) My oldest was born in 2002 and I had done enough research to be anti-vax by then so luckily my kids have no vaccines (and I have kept researching over the past 14 years because I find it fascinating that with all the information available,  people still vaccinate. I have never found anything in 14 years to make me question my decision.) As the kids have grown and I have seen their health in comparison...
New Posts  All Forums: