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I have not been active on MDC since my daughter was younger but she is now 6 years old and in Kindergarten.  I am re-decorating her room, getting her a big girl bed, etc. and was wondering when do children typically stop playing with play kitchens......?  I do love imaginative play but I feel it is only used maybe once a week and we could sure use the space since she now has a twin bed instead of a toddler bed.  (btw - I do change it up and sometimes make it a store, a...
Any titles we should add???  
btw - My dd will be attending a Catholic school and while she now has many of the required vaccines she will also be missing two so I have opted out for just those two and provided the rest so it is not an all or nothing path.
My understanding is that no school can force you to vaccinate your child HOWEVER it is a state requirement that every school have the vaccine record for each child attending.  There is a simple form that you can print and sign stating for religious or personal belief you are opting out of vaccinations.  This will replace the vaccine history in your child's school file and help the school meet the state requirements.   That said not all schools will realize that this...
My dd will be starting at a Catholic school this Fall for Kindergarten. I am truly excited and already feel quite welcomed in the school community.  I feel the school is traditional however the parents put a great deal into the school so we have smaller class sizes, two classes per grade and extras in the Arts, Language, etc. that many other Catholic schools in the area do not. 
I am very anal when it comes to body odor and have struggled with it.  From time to time you may have to switch what you use and that is OK. Now that there is clinical strength in several different brands you can try that..... I have done this with mixed results.  The best item I have used is deodorant by DKNY, I believe there are two different scents.   
I too love the idea of a Friday Night Poetry Night! Lux I realize you have purchased the stories already but I am just seeing this thread and thought I would add the list of first grade stories for others who might be wondering the same thing. (I know it was something I wondered but could not  find online while I was researching)   Oak Meadow First Grade Stories A-Z   The Magic Spindle The Bear's Child Dick Whittington and His Cat Jordan and Maria The...
Congrats Steph! I know any path you take you will find a way to make work. Wishing you all the best today and down the road.  
I have sole legal and physical custody and did not have anything specific in my agreement about passports and I was able to get one for my daughter without worry.
Yes I think this thread would be best in the private area :)
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