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Games are great - Sum Swamp is a favorite around here.   For a more radical idea, check out www.mathcircles.org - I love these people!!!  They start with littles (age 4-5) and go up and up.   Also, http://www.livingmath.net/ is another favorite.
Good luck!!!   My DS also complains about lunch - and is justified in doing so.  Congratulations to your DD for having the courage to tackle the situation in a constructive way - that is wonderful!!!!  
Yep, join the play, read Playful Parenting.  At least your daughter will have someone to commiserate with, but hopefully you will be able to expand their notion of fun.
Hmmm . . . I'm with the "it depends" camp, but I have a few other factors I use.   First, if I can purchase it cheaply and easily, I don't sew it.  I know how much time it takes to make clothing, and for most stuff, it simply is not worth it.   But, if it is something I can't buy easily (for example - cool boys' dress clothes!! or matching cotton pjs for my guys), I will sew it.   Also, if it is something I am spending way too much time looking for (such as...
Ditto on the animal scarves and toy holders.  They love them.
Chewing shirts, fingers and hair - check.  Running thumb along face, again and again.  Stuttering.  Rubbing fingers together.  Whistling - repeatedly and for long periods.   All these come and go.  They don't mean he is under stress.  The stress ones are weirder - rubbing my body for example.  These are just filling in the "doodling" spaces when he can't doodle. 
Any answer worth its salt is going to make sure that you understand that one size does not fit all, and that size may change!  So homeschooling may be right for some, experiential based education right for others, Waldorf right for a third, public school great for a fourth - ETC ETC.   You really need to weigh what you think your family and your child would benefit from either situation.  There are some ideal cases out there, but really, there are lots of...
Wow - the fact that these young kids are saying some intense things is one thing.  Your child may know about sex and be open to it, but does he go around saying he wants to suck people?   The kids themselves are not bad though - they are in a bad pattern of speech and action, *and* they are trying to use their words (forget what they are) for power over another kid.  That needs to be addressed, as well as the content.    Sex does not have to be hush, hush,...
Not normal. Even kids who develop early usually have the sense that asking this type of questions is inappropriate, and can be bullying (either your son or the girl). Our school takes even the annoying crush stuff seriously. It is not to snuff it all out, but to make the kids aware of how the other kids feel and to see if there is something up in their lives. If the teacher is blowing it off, I would go straight to the principal.
I agree that your DH is probably used to dealing with their unfairness and has developed his own way of coping. I think pushing it without his consent might aggravate his healing. Instead of looking at what they need to learn, you might want to look on it as helping your son learn how to deal with conflict and a hard situation. Saying things (internally, or if appropriate, externally) like "I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and know it is time for a walk . . .a break ....
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