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NH is the same way. I was almost enrolled in 3 classes online, which is full time, especially with 4 kids, and they said it wouldn't count at all because they dont know how many hours you are spending towards that.  
im not sure... I know it changes with income and family size.... I think this is the link to the calculator for nH http://www.snap-step1.usda.gov/fns/ It takes about 10 minutes or less to fill it out and it will tell you approx. how much food stamps you can qualify for. When your income changes by more than $10, Id send the verification in and maybe get more fs.
My husband tried explaining them about me being pregnant and thinking there was a mistake. They said there was no mistake. But, Im going to reapply through the health kids program instead of the state's. It used to be no big deal to apply through the state, but .... I guess there are just too many people needing help to deal with them all now.   Thankfully, we do receive heat assistance. Its a good amount of money put towards our heat. We JUST moved the day before my...
We just got booted off the cash assistance program for our state because we get WAY over the income limits.... a whopping $1200 a month in unemployment for a family of 6... We were told we would have half the income counted so that we could stay on the program and secure childcare to be able to work...but...before we could even get the childcare started, its gone because of the income isn't earned. So that leaves 1 parent without the ability to work or go to school and...
This is our 5th as well! but we have 2 boys and 2 girls already. We have used our favorite names up and unfortunately, we had a corny little 2 Js and 2 Bs theme, and now I cant find any good names that start with either and are unusual. We have a Brody and Bella (both were unusual at the time) and Josephine and Jagger. Now...nothing fits in.
Anyone else beyond hungry? Im sure Im soooo hungry because Im bored...Im stuck in bed with bedrest and the flu while my kiddos and hubby play on the other side of the house...so I have nothing else to think about....ANYWAY....   Basic 4 cereal for breakfast 1 serving baked cheetos .5 serving popcorn 1 slice of fruit-tart thing...with the pie crust, creamy topping, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi... 1 bowl of Kix for lunch Low fat strawberry cheesecake...
Lol, yeah, Im about 4'10.5" so the weight limits on that are ... looow. ":( I saw my midwife today and she said "gain what you need to gain." and I thats good enough for me to not stress too much. sure,I may look like an oompa loompa for a month after the baby is born, but whatever. :) http://www.thebabycorner.com/tools/pregnancy/calculators/weightcalculator.php Thats the almighty calculator. :)
Yeah, Im supposed to be around 90-110 when not pregnant, which, even when I was a size 2, I was still "overweight" according to that....so now at 150, I'm "obese" :( but, whatever... I guess thats what happens when you have 4 kids in 6 years. ANYWHO, Im just trying to eat better but I do have a weakness for soda...Im trying to limit that to 1 per day, if that... and Im already on bedrest for a bit so thats adding to my belly, Im sure...but anywho... Im going to try and...
I was curious as to how much weight I "should" have gained by the 13th week....so I googled and there was some nifty calculator. It has you enter previous weight, height, due date, and how much weight you have gained so far. It says my 7 pounds :( is 5 more than I should have gained. And at a starting weight of 150, it put me into the OBESE catagory and said I should be gaining only 15 pounds total...so thats scary. Dumb calculator. I tend to gain 29-43... :(  
Yes, thats this program. Here people can get it for 60 months. I have never had to use it and dont intend on needing it much longer. DH just got himself a job this morning so hopefully this ends all the yucky stuff and the state aid can go to the other people that need it.
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