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My 12 yo loves webkinz, limited too, target, cd's, itunes & barnes and nobles.
Quote: Originally Posted by gracequinn hi, i'm excited to have found this, i guess i might be old for it now, but i'm 25, my hubby is 27, we have an almost 10 year old 5.5 year old and a 2 year old. i hate to say it but we are done! i think even harder than the shunning looks from people thinking my child was being brought to kindergarten on her first day by a babysitter was the reaction to homebirthing those babies. i was told i was wreckless, that...
Quote: Originally Posted by damona ilm2, i hear ya. i just turned 28 and have 4 kids. my oldest is about to be 10, youngest almost 4. people ask how old the kids are and you can just see them trying to figure it out "now, how old does that make her...?" i had 4 babies in 6 years, so i was done by 24. i have 2 other friends that had their babies early, but the rest of them just started having kids. so now, my crew is old enough to leave with sitters, etc,...
My ds would get red and irritated like that when he was still in diapers. I put him in his bath seat in the bathtub and rinsed his penis with clean water, pouring it right at the tip and the redness went away.
I can't remember if i've posted somewhere in this thread before (this SN is new I forgot my old password). I had my first at 17, now i'm 29 with a 12 yo. The stigma never goes away, even now that i'm about to turn 30 i'm still a 29 yo with a 12 yo. I still get a lot of the same treatment I got when I was 21 with 2 kids. It's worse that i'm a 29 yo with 4 kids. I was done at 25 when most of my friends were just having their first.
I did not know this and am surprised b/c i've been studying a lot about ADD. My kids have CHDs and so far one is dx'd ADD the other will likely be dx'd ADHD when he goes in later this month. My 12 yo dd just went on Concerta and it's making her crazy. The dr said she needed to take it for 2 more weeks but it's not helping at all.
My dd loves Limited Too and we always find tons of their stuff at TJ Maxx, usually for $5-$10 a piece. We went to L2 at Cmas and she got 3 pieces for $75, then went to TJ Maxx and I found her 5 pieces for $45. Also if your dd is big enough to wear a jrs 00/0 xs or s there is also 5.7.9. My dd is in a girls 12/14, but jrs xsmall fits her, so she found some tshirts at 5.7.9, all were 2 for $10.
My ds just had a UTI and it was that bad. It was definitely worse than any UTI I or my dd's have ever had. He was peeing blood and pus and trying to hold it b/c it hurt so bad, so he was holding it until he peed everywhere. It hurt him so bad he would just fall over and scream and cry for about 10 minutes after every pee. It was horrible. I am 100% against circ, but if someone were right there saying your child won't be in this pain if he's circ'd, I would have gone...
The kids have dh's last name b/c it's just easier that way, and i'm pretty sure in my state, you have to give them the father's last name if you're married. I kept my name and I use my last name, but I use dh's last name socially, irt to the kids, b/c again it's just easier that way.
My son made messes in his pants long after he was PT. Turns out he had chronic constipation. The nerves in his rectum were dead and he easily lost control. He had to be on medication for months and he still has minor issues and he's 8 1/2. I'd investigate a medical cause at this point, then go back to PT and do NOT go back to diapers. They do eventually stop pooing in their pants. Esp. when all the other kids don't do it.
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