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DD is 21 months old, and we are in the same situation.  I don't have any advice, but I hope someone else does!  You are definitely not alone, though.
I think what you originally had and what Drummer's Wife suggested are both fine. Either.
OP again -    Okay, we're having the get-together this Saturday, the Saturday before Christmas.  I think more people will be able to come (not a work day), and people won't be too stressed about last-minutes things.    Thanks for everyone's feedback!  =)
For me, my soup isn't a success unless in turns into gelatin.  You did good!
I agree with this:
Ds (6) received a zhu zhu pet (toy hamster) for his birthday a few weeks ago.   When he opened it he exclaimed, "It's green!  My second favorite color of zhu zhu pets!"
OP here.   Thanks, everyone, for your responses.  You know, it didn't even occur to me that people might be working on Christmas Eve.  How silly of me!  Christmas Eve is on a Friday after all.  Of course some people will have to work!   I'm thinking of having it the day after Christmas instead. The only concern is that we're going out of town the next day, and there will be a lot to get done before we leave.   Hmmm.....  I have to think about this a little...
bejeweled, the very same thing makes me happy.  My 7-year-old dd lounges around reading chapter books too!  Sometimes I even catch her up at night (like 2 am!), with her headlight on, reading her books.
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