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http://www.mothering.com/discussions...=670484&page=2 I posted there a while back about how I would be getting Felicity evaluated for autism. Well,the results came out that she was in fact autistic. I also got her hearing evaluated and they said that they were going to give her hearing aids.
DD finally nursed!! I'm so happy! She came to me crying saying,"Baby need num nums!" Im so happy. I was starting to think she was weaning! Im going to bed now. Felicity is tired and needs to nurse.
Quote: Originally Posted by apple_dumpling I too hope she didn't spit on your dd's hand... I don't agree with swatting it either, but spitting on it takes it to a bad level for me. I suppose I am lucky because dd and I have never really came across a situation where I've needed to say anything to another child (discipline-wise anyway) and I've never had any bad incidents with someone else doing something to her, discipline wise. Now I don't...
My friend called me back and she apologized. I told her why we use gd and she said she understood. Im kind of happy that she apologized. She has helped me through so much.
Always feel like they have to discipline other peoples' kids? I have a dear friend who is 28 years old and she spat DD on the hand yesterday because my DD took a toy away from her DD. I kindly explained to my friend that we do Gentle Disipline and we don't spank or spat and my friend scoffed at me and said,"Well If you would discpiline your kid and spank them and let them cry it out,then she wouldnt be such a brat!" I asked my friend to leave my apartment and that we would...
DD still nurses so gets plenty of milk from that.
aw s mama
Quote: Originally Posted by maybeknott Hm. My toddler does those things too, but I'm not worried about him as far as autism goes. I guess it depends on overall vibe, as well. For the pushing away, I've just been taking other opportunities to do extra touches. If he happens to be letting me put my arm around him for a book, for instance, I will also rub his hand or a bare patch of skin. If we're sitting in the car seat and he's distracted with...
defiantely that around here. DD will come of with the craziest outfits ever! Like last week when I finished folding clothes DD had put on her baby legs and no diaper(knock on wood! ) and no shirt and she put on Daddy's Pittsburgh Steeler's hat! LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by snoopy5386 DD is 13 months and the only veggie she eats is broccoli. On the rare day, she will eat carrots that come from a bag of frozen mixed veggies, but not carrots prepared any other way She has refused the following: asparagus zucchini sweet potatoes regular potatoes green beans winter squash spinach cucumbers lettuce peas corn cauliflower eggplant I am at a loss, I want her to have a varied diet, but so...
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