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My 8 and 9 year olds have been obsessed with going to "real school" because of pressure from their public schooled friends. I have met them half way and said I would look into classes, outside of public school for them to take. I am looking for any/all sorts of classes, Possibly one or two for my 14 year old as well. My 14 year old would really love some sort of art classes, as well as my 8 year old. My son still balks anything to do with schoolwork so he may be a...
I am considering having this piercing done. I have done a bit of research after my husband mentioned he thought it "would be cool". I must say I just may, but I am looking for the good, the bad and the ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramama Thank you! It looks like we'll have to switch to Verizon (and pay at least $50 extra a month ) but I guess that's better than having a 2-year contract on a useless phone once we move LOL! If you will need service in rural areas of Maine I wouldn't go with Verizon. BTDT. Their service stinks in many areas.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramama We're moving to Maine (from Colorado) next summer, but our cell phone contract is due to be renewed next month. We have T-Mobile and love love love our plan, as it is affordable and our bill is exactly the same every month. We are moving to Portland (or the immediate vicinity) and plan to gallivant around quite a bit We have fabulous coverage here, but don't want to get into a contract if the coverage in Maine sucks....
Hello all. I am looking for a new family practice doc, or possibly a naturopath. We currently have Maine care due to my husband being laid off. I would love to see Paul Balzer, but I am wondering what it would cost to pay out of pocket for a "well child" visit. We have been with the same DO for over 13 years. He himself has always been supportive of our choices, but the rest in his practice is another story. He is getting close to retirement, so I think it is time we move...
I am interested in purchasing Headsprout for my DD7 , DS8. They are just starting to show an interest in learning to read better. From the sample lessons it looks as if this program may be the one for us. Any suggestions, thoughts, or personal stories? TIA
I meant Headsprout. I was looking in to both at the same time when I posted this message.
I am looking for a program that will help my two youngest read/read better. I ran across Mindsprinting. I looked around the site, and I must say I think this will help. It is a bit pricey so I want to make sure it is worth it before I take the lunge. I am looking for experiences and/or personal stories using Mindsprinting.com. TIA
Quote: Originally Posted by Chicky2 Even though I wasn't the OP....Thanks for the Captain Underpants suggestions! My son loves them! I got him the first 2 boxed sets. He is 8 and just recently really took off w/reading. He was one of the later readers, but just as I thought he would, he wanted to have it mastered before he performed. Funny how some people don't think that just because we unschool we don't learn. Nice to be able to let the kids...
I ran across this somewhere online. I thought it was a great idea. Who would be interested in doing this? We are from Maine. Girl-13 Boy-8 Girl-7
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