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A Hemp car.  I didn't know.
So far so good.  Ds is happy to go and comes home in a good mood.  He likes the teachers, talks about some of the kids, and has enjoyed the rainy days as much as the nice ones.  Waiting to see how cold weather goes.  :)
I called and there's still room two days a week.  I'm meeting Regina next week to check it out.  I'd love to hear your perspective on the program, too.  Do you mind sharing what you loved about the program, at what age your dd was in the program and what the actual age range of the kids was, anything else you think is particularly useful to know? Thanks
Do you know what the timeline for registration is?  I'm thinking about sending ds next year.  
I use a saline rinse bottle.  It's like a neti-pot without the learning curve.  Here's one for example though there are other brands too.  Between that, lots of hot liquids and elderberry syrup, I've been fighting off a cold for the last few days and I think it may be just about done.  Oh, plus a few drops of peroxide in each ear right at the beginning.
Depending on what would be financially feasible, you could try to figure out if your insurance will cover your prenatal appointments with a homebirth midwife, even if they won't cover the birth itself.  That could cut the cost significantly.
Just came across this thread.  If you haven't come across it yet, check out interfaithfamily.com.  They have lots of resources.  It sounds like your dd could use some social interaction and some positive associations with Judaism.  That probably means connecting with other Jewish families, either through the synagogue or through another venue if it exists.  You could call up the synagogue and ask for advice on events or holiday celebrations or services that are fun for...
Bump.  Nobody knows anything about either?  Maybe you don't want to post publicly but pm me if you have something to say?  Thanks
Thanks everyone for the encouragement to push for the composite.  I did the research, sent the dentist some studies, not because I felt I had to prove anything to him, but because I got a generally good feeling about him and wanted to give him a chance to see things from my perspective and to have a discussion where he could tell I was serious and informed about my concerns, and hoped he would approach the situation openly and collaboratively.  I sent him and email a few...
Has anyone seen Michelle Gottlieb in southborough for your kids allergies?  A friend recommended her after recently switching her daughter from Dr. Moody (in Canton or Brookline?)  All the other irl recs I've gotten have been for Moody.  I'd love to hear if anyone here has more to say about either of them or another amazing allergist in Boston (prefferably metro-west, but will travel).  Thanks!
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