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I agree with jul… you cannot be certain that there is no way for anyone to tell, especially given so little information. We don't know what the fathers look like, or what the kids look like. For that matter, I don't even know if they have the same mother and "caucasian" is not very specific, but either way, I'd have to say, no, you cannot be SURE that it's impossible to tell.
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie I made something like 50DM in half an hour. everyone who passed me threw in some money and told me to get some shoes And you said, "I guess I could, but I don't even know your size!"
Barefoot in the snow is not too bad. You get used to it. For me, rain is worse, especially when it is close to freezing and/or in the city. In urban areas the rain makes things stick to your foot and there is no grass to brush it off, then when it is cold you can't feel them so well. It's a bad combination just begging for cuts and minor injuries. That is why I want some good soft-soled shoes. Snow doesn't stick to the foot the way water does and it's actually a lot...
We have the Amby one that uses the same frame as the hammock. She's too short for it, but I can put a foam mat under her so her feet touch a "floor," and she loves it.
I still use them with DD, though she'll probably outgrow them soon. I definitely would not have put her in without them in the early weeks. With the soft bottom of the hammock, she would not have stayed facing upwards, and she would not have been able to move her head safely away if it obstructed her. She would now (at over 4 mos, though skinny) be able to move to a better position, but they keep her upright so she doesn't have to.
Quote: Originally Posted by rightkindofme And her dad gets annoyed when I put tights on her because then diaper changes are too hard. I agree with him. I don't like having anything in my way.
Wow! Thanks for the review! That is very helpful. Quote: Originally Posted by Anumaria Will let you know when I have tried them in the rain. Great! Quote: Originally Posted by Anumaria Sorry about making this all about different products. Ironic, isn't it. I just don't have a choice, living in such a cold climate. Yeah, it is, but I think a lot of people have the "wish I could be barefoot but kinda have to...
Honestly I got them from the UK because my Danish sucks. It is probably cheaper due to lower VAT, but I really don't know. With increased shipping, it could even out. I have never used fitteds but have some prefolds. I have to use nappi nippas on them before putting on pull-on pant style covers but not with wraps. The only other kinds I've used are Fuzzi Buns pocket dipes which I like a lot (got them used from a friend) and Imse Vimse AIO. I'm not as pleased...
Hej to a fellow DK denizen! I have not used that site but had a good experience with http://www.twinkleontheweb.co.uk/
This is probably the study that the ped is basing the 4-6 mo window on. Quote: Originally Posted by the study (bolding mine) RESULTS. A delayed introduction of solids (past 4 or 6 months) was not associated with decreased odds for asthma, allergic rhinitis, or sensitization against food or inhalant allergens at 6 years of age. On the contrary, food sensitization was more frequent in children who were introduced to solids later. The relationship...
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