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DDG jumping. Congratulations. Your post caught my attention because we have an Aria...our oldest. I'm sure she is a beautiful baby .
DDC crashing from January. I have had the worst taste in my mouth for a few days. I can't label it effectively (i.e. metallic) but it is awful. I hope it doesn't mean I am that close since I am hosting Christmas at 37.5 weeks for our family.
Well, I live in Omaha and am pregnant with #4 and we are having a homebirth. I don't feel the process is really more difficult at all. On the midwife question....I have heard, from my doula friends, much better things about the midwives at UNMC than at Methodist. I had my inital appts with the midwives at UNMC up until we had our anatomy U/S to clear the way for homebirth (our 3rd child had multiple birth defects) and the two I met were both very nice, easy to get...
I'm in Omaha and pregnant with our 4th. Our 3rd child had multiple birth defects so I am seeing the midwives at UNMC right now until I get my 20 week Level II U/S with the maternal/fetal specialist to rule out any issues with this little one. After that I will likely switch to care under a homebirth supportive family practice doctor and possibly UC at home. We are undecided. I do know that I will not give birth in a hospital though.
I felt bad no one had responded to your message. I lived in SW Kansas for a year. My husband is from the area and we decided to give the small town life a try...it didn't last . I didn't have ANY like minded friends when I was out there so I can't point you in anyone's direction. Sorry I know what it is like out there though.
I just turned 36 and I completely resist this AMA thing. We refused the "screenings" (they aren't TESTS) and will do a Level II U/S at 20 weeks...not because of AMA though but because baby #3 was born with multiple severe birth defects.
I am new to this group. We are expecting #4 and currently have a 4 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old. I have a very strong feeling that I am carrying twins. Here are my "signs": I too had interesting cycles. Since March of 2008 I had periods every 14 days. I KNOW I was ovulating in those cycles despite a doctor telling me it wasn't possible. Starting April 4th I started a "period" and it lasted for 14 straight days. I also started getting migraines frequently...
I feel bad you have not gotten a reply. I was a long-time resident of Wichita until November when we moved to Omaha for medical reasons. There is a great AP group in Wichita where you might meet some like-minded people. Let me know if you want the info.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2+twins My jaw dropped just reading that! I can't imagine what I would have said if she had the nerve to say that to me. Yikes. You def. should let the doctor know! My jaw dropped also. I am stunned and I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut.
I am in a similar, yet different situation than you. We were told on Monday that our U/S at 21 weeks revealed an abdominal cyst and they could not find her stomach. We go back on Friday for another U/S (which also makes me nervous) to determine if it is a serious issue or an artifact on the U/S. She is measuring one week ahead and everything else looks great. I am trying to stay optimistic but I know if we are told she has a potential health issue that we will have...
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