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Quote: Originally Posted by MyZoeJane FYI, I think you mean 4 weeks along. The first two weeks are a freebie! Makes sense I guess, since it's usually counted by LMP... I was counting by O date, so I never really thought about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by citizenfong How many children do you have already? 1, she's 18 months How did you end up at MDC? My sister is a member, and when I was pregnant with DD I joined, mostly to lurk. If you could move anywhere for no more then 2 years, where would it be? I love the Montana/Wyoming area, I think I'd like to live there for a little while and then come home to Wisconsin. Tell something really impulsive and crazy that you did...
I'm undecided. I had one with DD (rather than the two my midwife wanted). I am leaning toward no u/s, but DH REALLY wants to know the gender. We'll see if I cave.
Overall, I don't feel too bad. The nausea comes and goes, which is good and bad. I don't enjoy feeling sick all day, but on Friday, I mostly felt just fine, and all of a sudden worried that my sprout wasn't sticking. I'm also crampy, not painfully, but noticably. And having some weird twinges in my lower back and hips. It's not comfortable to nurse DD anymore, and my milk supply is almost non-existant. She's having a hard time adjusting to that, and I need to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Doulatron In both my pregnancies I knew I was pregnant before I tested because I was feeling so emotional, exhausted and nauseated. This time it started at day ten! This is me this time, too. I'm so thankful I haven't thrown up yet, and hoping it doesn't happen. It's one of my absolute least favorite things to do. With DD, I was only nauseous from weeks 8-10. I don't think I realized how lucky I was.
Hello! I just tested this morning, definitely + : DD is 18 months and DH and I have been thinking about trying for #2 since August. We got lucky on the first try. Pretty sure my O date was 12/20, so, 40 weeks from then is 9/26? I don't have a LMP to go by (it was September 2006). Although, DD was nearly two weeks late, so if 9/26 is right, I may actually go into October... Looking forward to a healthy 9 months for us all!
DD is 18 months and still nursing. How often depends on the day, if I'm at home or at work. She still always nurses to sleep. I'm not sure if I'm up for tandem nursing, but we'll see what happens.
DD was just "baby." I'm thinking #2 feels like "sprout", but we'll see if that sticks.
I'm hoping to wait til around 10 weeks to tell people. I just got the + this morning, and I think I'm about 2 weeks along. I debated even telling DH, he has the biggest mouth ever but he would have figured it out pretty soon anyway. We'll see how long it takes for him to blab
I appreciate the responses. I'm not as emotional now as I was when I posted yesterday, but I'm still upset. I think I'm going to make an appointment with my regular midwife to talk about the situation and get a feeling for what to expect from her with my next pregnancy and delivery.
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