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Glad to hear they're working better!   You might want to try Arm & Hammer Essentials (perfume and dye free) as it seems to work okay and can be found just about anywhere. I like to have a couple of different detergents to switch around every few of washes. I think it helps prevent any build up that might occur from using the same brand all the time. 
Oh, and apparently I should have clarified above. PP is correct - pouring water on your diapers is not technically a way to test for repelling, but it has always given me a better idea of what is going on with my diapers.
As you can see, opinions vary greatly when it comes to diapering! ;)   Here is some info copied from http://cottonbabies.com .I read above you said you'd visited their site about detergents, but this says it better (and quicker) than I:    What should I avoid? Do not use extra additives in your wash (like baking soda or vinegar). These ingredients are unnecessary and will cause problems in your diapers. Do not use fabric softeners. Do not boil your...
I would start by stripping with Dawn and several HOT wash cycles to see if that helps.   It's possible you have detergent build-up from washing along with her clothing (not adding a secondary rinse). Also diaper creams are often culprits of poorly functioning diapers - if you using something that's not cloth friendly.   You may want to start using a three step washing process to make sure your diapers are coming clean - cold wash, hot wash w/detergent, then cold...
I use a three step wash routine of a full cold wash cycle - full hot wash cycle with detergent - cold rinse cycle. Some will begin with a cold RINSE rather than a wash, I've found I need the WASH to get my diapers clean and keep the stinkies away. I do only use 1/2 the manufacturer recommended amount of detergent though. I dry prefolds in the dryer and hang covers.   You will find varied opinions on detergents. What works wonderfully for some will not work at all for...
Is it possible you're having repelling issues? I have a chubby baby, too. And while I only use prefolds and covers, I never have leaking problems unless I wait too long between changes. Try pouring a little water in your diapers and see how quickly they absorb. Maybe stripping or simply changing your detergent/wash routine  would do the trick.
We're following Dr. Sears delayed schedule. I'm sure there are those who find problems with it as well, but I just didn't feel informed enough to decide what and when at the time DD was born. It's been a reasonable alternative for us.
Thanks. I thought that might be the case with the canvas. I finally decided on the organic Sea Green. It's supposed to be here Saturday - I can't wait!
I tried on an organic cotton Ergo over the weekend and loved it (super soft & comfy) but was not wild about the color choices they carried in the store. I'm really digging the Galaxy Grey online, but I see it only comes in the regular canvas fabric. Does anyone know how soft the canvas fabric is compared to the organic cotton? If the organic cotton is that much better, I may just have to go for a solid instead...I just really love that gray. I'd really appreciate...
It is my understanding that only early ultrasounds can accurately predict due dates. At 20+ weeks there is too much variation to get closer than a week or two at best. (At least that's what I was told by the tech at my OB's office.)
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