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I remember my Dad having a go at me about my parenting style once. I don't remember the issue, it may have been smacking or something to do with discipline. I calmly and politely reminded him that he'd done his parenting, and now it was my turn. He was taken aback for a half a second before he just erupted in this huge smile. I do love my Dad, grumpy old bugger that he is!
My son has chemical intolerances, mostly to food chemicals, so his diet is very restricted. Apart from preservatives, colours and flavours, he cannot have anything with salicylates or amines in. This means that the only fruit he can safely eat is ripe peeled pears, and the only veg are potatoes, cabbage, spring onions, brussel sprouts and a few more. I'm constantly judged for this as a parent who isn't feeding her child properly. Add to this the fact that James loves all...
My son was three on January 31 and has always been a happy and confident boy. However, I decided that I would like some time for myself (I write from home and really do need a block of time to get my work done) and so booked him into a daycare centre for one day a week. On the first day, I took him in, settled him and we said goodbye. About half an hour later I was contacted by the centre to be told that he hadn't settled and was upset and crying for me. I asked what they...
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