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Any tips on how to find a crunchy family to rent our Triangle-area home? We have a posting on craigslist and mention that we have rain barrels, Energy star appliances, are walking distance from downtown, etc. Is it weird to mention the clotheslines, square foot gardens and edible plantings (blueberries, herb garden, strawberries, blackberries, etc)? How do we find someone who would appreciate the low/no-irrigation mulched front yard? Are there local groups we should...
Do you have to move? I grew up there, and moved away for a reason. :( 
Is there any way to change a screen name? 
I hope that at some point those of you who have PM'ed me might feel comfortable sharing your perspectives more publicly. I got a very candid, balanced, open perspective on the Lucy Daniels Center that when combined with our initial intake meeting helped us decide to seek evaluation and counseling elsewhere. Thanks for weighing in! 
Mint has an app. :D
I will PM you. Thank you! Our first meeting was yesterday. It was fine, but I think I have more questions than answers now and am still not sure of our path. 
Thanks for the response. We have continued asking around, and have heard they have a more psychoanalytic approach than we might be comfortable with. Regardless, we have an appointment shortly to at least see. 
Does anyone in the Triangle have experience with the Lucy Daniels Center? Experiences positive or negative are welcome. Or, if you went elsewhere for pediatric mental health services -- specifically related to ADHD cognitive behavioral therapy and sensory issues -- please share that experience. 
Thanks for the great update! 
DD (3.5) and DS (5.5) both bathe independently. DD needs some help getting the water temperature right, but is fine to shower alone, get out by herself, dry herself and start getting dressed. She doesn't always do all these things independently, but she can and often does.   
New Posts  All Forums: