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I really love the philosophy and ideas of learning math from Brian at this site. http://www.mathmojo.com/ Smart stuff. I cannot imagine the circumstances under which a person never had to multiply before turning 18. Did they never build anything and need to know area? Never had to separate items into equal parts? I don't think it matters if people can recite the tables (though it makes things run more quickly in many science subjects) as long as they...
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We love the Beverly Cleary books. Rascal Bears of Blue River Tadpole Because of Winn-Dixie Judy Moody books Calvin and Hobbes
Oh, I can't wait for you to enjoy this time with your kids!
Three year olds were put on this earth to make us want to lock ourselves in the bathroom and cry. They are soooo hard, and you have my deepest empathy on this. Quote: Originally Posted by mamaduck Oh, sweetie -- she must be tired! And you must be too. I really believe that 80% of these issues will dissapear if you can get a handle on her sleep problems. It sounds like you need to put some planning and effort into her routines and her schedule, and...
There is a yahoo group specifically for support in this situation. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/unschoolingwithschool/ HTH
Ocean2-- I am so sorry. It seems like your prosecutor needs more to do. I wish you could have retained counsel and gone to trial. I think you would have had a better outcome.
You know him better than anyone. If you think you would both benefit from his being in preschool a few mornings a week, why not? The role of a homeschooling parent is to find the best opportunities for their children, not to have them by their side 24/7 if that is not working. Both my kids have gone/go to a co-op preschool. It is ideal for everyone. While my son was there, I got to spend time with my little one, and now my daughter goes, and I get to do 'grown-up'...
I can offer a couple suggestions. The first is to google homeschooling and your town or state and see what you find. Also, visit some national message boards and see if you can find someone that way. If you have La Leche or AP meetings in your area, that is a good way to find like-minded moms. You don't mention where you live, but oddly, I have met a lot of homeschool moms through buying from local farms. Either the farmers themselves homeschool (though often...
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