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We use a solar oven in the summer. It takes a lot longer, and things don't rise as well (cakes are pretty dense), but we think it is pretty cool ;-)
I don't know if this helps you or not: http://www.homeschooloasis.com/art_wa_st_hs_law.htm
Can you believe I just asked DH to watch the kids for an hour on Sunday so that I could photograph my FBs to sell? ACK I guess this will be one for Craigslist. Rats.
Quote: Originally Posted by May May That is so funny babybugmama! Hmm. . now that I think of it. . maybe that is the reason I'm as exhausted as I am! Because I try not to say "I don't know" either. I mean, I hardly ever say that! Because we're a homeschooling family, I actually *ANSWER* her questions - one right after the other. Ugh. : For us, as a homeschooling family, I give ideas on where to find the answer if it is something...
He has been up for an hour and has not stopped talking. There has not been more than 15 seconds when noise has not come from his sweet little face I also am a spirited child all grown up. One of my biggest spirited traits? Sensitive, mostly to noise. I can only run one appliance at a time or the noise is too much! Deep wells of patience and joy to all the mamas of spirited ones today!
Oh, I have quite the spirited one, a spirited extrovert at that.....Yes, it is exhausting. We plan to homeschool as well. The feeling that EVERY moment has to be a teaching moment--"You seem to be feeling X? When you feel X, here are some ways you can react that are acceptable." Honestly, if I don't exercise at least 5 times a week, I am not a good parent for a spirited child. If I get my little endorphin buzz, then I am able to go the distance. At 12, there...
After reading further... Can you use the wall hanging as the rug in the kitchen? Quote: Originally Posted by teasdone 1. In this case, ds is totally indifferent, he could care less about wall hangings. Would your answer be different if ds actually liked it? Would your answer be different if he were older? How much older? 2. If you voted "Get rid of it!", then please advise me as to how you would handle it with MIL when she next visits --...
DH and I are both science geeks. There is just a lot of science-y things in our house, and I just work it into our everyday lives. In addition, anything nature-related will give a hands-on bio background. My DS loves Magic School Bus (books and DVDs and software) and watching Mythbusters. Those seem to have real-life applications instead of just unusable theories. HTH!
Quote: Originally Posted by Meg Murry. DD (6) is in there rereading OOP right now. I started it today!!
Quote: Originally Posted by NoHiddenFees There are tonnes of high quality middle readers available for children not ready for Potter. One series is the Measle books by Ian Ogilvy. Unlike the Potter books, they don't advance in maturity level as the series progresses. That, is the biggest issue with younger kids and HP. Measle is also more light-hearted. The first is Measle and the Wrathmonk. I also highly recommend Here be Monsters by Alan...
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