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That is when you lean over and say, "I've got three words for you, buddy--Phonics Flash Cards" if your DS is ready for that kind of humor.
An occupational therapist told me once to always present a pencil to a child with the point facing them, eraser up. They will naturally pick it up the right way. That does not mean that they will keep it that way, but they will start to get the idea and get used to the feeling.
Quote: Originally Posted by Enudely I would say "umm, actually everyone all over the world does this, it's only in America that people let their babies scream for them in the next room.." We're by far the majority if you count the rest of the world You know what floors me is that America is the only place that can screw up cosleeping. When I was getting my cert in childbirth education, one of my trainers told the story of a doctor's warning an...
If he can produce a portfolio of what he has done, that may substitute. Standardized tests are often requirement. However, if he is taking classes that are dual credit, it won't matter.
This probably is no help, but.... It was important to my DH that I be with DS all through the night and offer him comfort as needed. Let's be honest, it is easier to have mom nurse them back to sleep than to make dad get up and try. DH eventually moved to the guest room for a while. He was very cool about the whole necessity of bonding thing. Finally, we put a crib side car on our bed. The baby sleeps in the crib with no front on it, so it is just an extension of...
I repsond to these things one of three ways: 1) If the person is rational, I present data to support my choices. 2) If the person is not rational, I smile and say, "Look how happy this baby is! It works for us!" 3) If the person is irrational and persistent, I lie. "Oh, he is sleeping through the night just fine." I had neighbors who INSISTED that I let DS cry it out or he would never learn to sleep on his own. First, his sleeping alone was so far down on my...
Quote: Originally Posted by oliversmum2000 but what do i do about the baby? i am thinking let her sleep till 3pm (not 2.30pm as usual) and then start to get back on track. (i have to wake her at 3pm to get the 6yo from school) Sad, but true, my DS occastionally still does not let me get the baby to sleep. Her nap schedule has ALWAYS revolved around his preschool. As an infant, he had PreK in the AM, and her morning nap began on the way...
I forgot to mention the other interesting piece of this for us. DS would NOT nap, and has not for almost two years. Now that he is sleeping about 1.5 hours a night, he is more likely to nap as well, if only for 20 minutes. It usually happens in the car, and I know it would never happen at home. I just think it is interesting that even after 12 good hours, he can still use a little down time in the middle of the afternoon.
I think that if you talk about the different places and ways people can learn. You can point out that he is learning always, not just in school. See what reaction you get and how the conversation flows from there.
It really is for everyone, with the latest sleep research data. However, for one so young, if you want targeted info, I would get The No Cry Sleep Solution.
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