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Having your daughter meet with the counselor may not be a bad idea if she would open up. The counselor would then be another 'witness' for your side. I would certainly talk to the other parents and see if this is a widespread problem. A united front works well. My mom is an elementary principal, and she is totally aware of the teachers that she has in her school that are sub-par. All she can do is give them poor evaluations. Most schools are unionized, and that...
http://www.cnn.com/2004/EDUCATION/09....ap/index.html I have absolutely no illusions that this will happen in Indiana, where our motto is "Shut up and eat it. Families are losing their farms." My mom is an elementary school principal in a school that has about at 46% poverty rate. One of the first things she did was get rid of the vending machines. She also instituted some rules about when kids could get 'seconds', which is the garbage they can get after they eat...
I am not trying to start a political debate, but when you look at the number of women who are elected in the US to federal positions, it is no wonder that we do not have the support we need to stay home with our children. When you consider the number of countries that are considered 'less advanced' than we are, but who have elected women to run them, how can we be surprised? We have few women in Congress and have never elected a national leader who was female. Family...
You could put an ad in there. Ours has a common interests option in the personals. Also, a flyer posted at your local health food store might yield some results.
I really liked the idea that I was so involved in his schooling, but that he had a broader exposure to things than he would being at home everyday. It is all learning through play, and there is no way we could provide him with all of the play opportunities they have there. He is only two. He goes two days a week for two hours. We pay $50/month.
I love this sling. I used it with my son up to 26 months and 30 pounds. Customer service was great!
Our preschool is doing their before-school clean up. They are planning to use Round-up around the playground. I am suggesting rock salt as an alternative (works great at our house), but I would really like some links to articles to show WHY using Round-Up is a problem in the first place. I cannot find the original information that I had to caused me to ban it at home. TIA, Anna B.
Michelle-- You have been in my thoughts since I got the news, but I did not know how to find you until I went to the Diaper Hyena. I don't stuff a diaper that I don't wonder how you are. It sounds like you are handling everything with the strength and grace that I would expect from you. Serenity and Peace Anna
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