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I just got an inexpensive set of four from eBay. I think with shipping, it was less than $6/book.
That was what I was going to say. My DH is very into what we do, and his involvement is on the weekends. For us, learning can happen anytime. Also, DH does a lot of reading to our kids as well. If we are doing a theme study, he is just as likely to read at night as I am. Our plan, however, is that some day either both of us will work PT or I will work for a while so that he can stay home. We both bring such different skill sets and perspectives that we feel...
I think the most important thing to recognize in this thread is that every child is so very different. Just as some kids are better eaters, better sleepers, better with transitions, some kids are better at regulating their own screen time. I could trust my DS to make his food choices for the rest of his life. He eats almost nothing but healthy, varied foods. However, he would eat his broccoli and steamed squash in front of the TV all day if he was allowed to. My...
Wow, thanks. We get probably 4-6 chapter books on tape each time we go to the library. This is a great resource!
DS is playing Magic School Bus on Mars as I type. Most of what he knows about mars, he learned from this game. I think that using it as a resource is great supplemental learning. However, he is a screen junkie and I have to monitor how much time is spent in front of a screen. On the other hand, his Putt Putt Saves the Zoo is vapid and has gone away for a while.
Clutter, clutter, clutter here. I am cluttery; my DH is cluttery. I try to keep things clean, though. Floors, toilets, clothes, dishes. I get the most done when the kids have their one hour of screen time. We also have instituted a 10-minute clean up between dinner and bath time. Kids put away clothes, pick up toys, shelve books--whatever they can do in 10 minutes. With all of us working, a lot gets done. This is when I get the kitchen cleaned up and ready...
Quote: Originally Posted by Milakais Sticky Tack! Thank heavens. I could not remember the name of it!
This is reusable, and I love it.
My kids are limited by content and time. Only one hour of screen time a day. My DS would watch morning noon and night. He chooses his screen time and can use the TV or PC. The only thing he chooses that I really hate is Wow Wow Wubzie and Backyardigans. I have started only giving screen time when I know those won't be on. As for the Jeff Corwin shows and the like, I HATE the animal planet commercials. In one week, my son told me that he wanted to buy Zoo Pals, that...
I love throwing in complex American Lit with my preschool lessons!
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