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I am financially dependent on my husband.  I guess I am in the minority that this never worries me.  If something happened to him we have a life insurance policy that I could live off of until my youngest goes to school and then I would get a job.  All of our assets and bank accounts (except retirement) are in both of our names. Taking children out of the equation entirely, me staying home increases the happiness of both of us in many ways.  Because I do all the household...
Everything is about at least 8 to 10 miles away from us.  So I guess since we have land we would consider getting a horse.  Also hubby would probably skip daily coffee runs.
I hate those Disney  books. I call them movie books and the kids know that I will never read them to them.  If I want the story I will just watch the movie.  Ugg they are ghastly.
oyt-meal  for oatmeal.  It was adorable especially said in that sweet little voice.
Part of the fun of Christmas is getting gifts from others.  This gives my kids a chance to receive something that I would never have chosen for them.  It would still be fun.  I can't imagine screening gifts.  If they opened something that bothered me I would explain honestly with the child why they couldn't have it.  I try to choose honesty over deception.  As for duplicates.  Unless it is a game my kids love duplicate items.  For example now they have twin dolls etc. ...
It gets easier.  It is definitely hard.  I have felt the same way many times.  Now that the little ones are 5 and 3 it doesn't really bother me much anymore.  I can easily see the value of me being at home.  Just go away for a weekend and leave hubby with the kids.  You will feel appreciated when you get back.  I have two Masters and an Ivy League education.  Do I miss work?  Not anymore.  At first it was very isolating.  I would say it is very important to find some...
Over the time I have been with DH we have had only one car on and off.  Many people think we are nuts and it definitely takes some patience and scheduling.  Some of this time was in the city where mass transport was available.  Now we live in the sticks so we just have to take our turn.  I think it is great you can live without any vehicle at all. 
I went to the dollar store and bought two-packs of pot holders.  I will have each DD do a hand print with fabric paint on the potholders.  Each grandparent will get a set.  I figure this is a functional and sentimental item.
I am looking for some blogs or places of support for families with only one child. It is difficult to find one that is supportive and embraces having only one child. There are many I have found that complain about only having one etc but I haven't found very many supportive ones. Of all the different forums here I haven't found a place for people with only one. Can anyone help me find places to look. Thanks a bunch.
The sweetest thing ever said to me in any regard is from my mom. (aren't moms the greatest) mom: Do you know how much you love Addie? me: yes, a lot mom: now you know how much I love you. oh dear the tears roll when I type this.. I am a sap.
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