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Hello. Not a prof but a part-time post-doc. I just wanted to respond to Rock Drs. post. DH, DS and I all went to a meeting in DC this past May. DS was 10mo. They also had childcare but a different group from what you mentioned. The childcare was fine. May not be what you would want full time but just fine for a meeting. Do preregister! Our conference was not in the same building as the childcare which was a pain. I brought my pump and ended up pumping in the...
DS is 15mo and we do selective/delayed vaxing. No reactions, no health problems. He also doesn't look glazed In fact ever since he was itty bitty people have commented on how "alert" he looks. He's never had an ear infection and has only had a fever once.
I went to two stores today looking for it. I am VERY excited to read it. Like Holly said I think its great to have an AP ped who educates about vaccines. I am very interested to see whathe says. We do selective/delayed and I am interested to see what he has to say about the ones we opted out of and are delaying. I am also interested to see if he discusses some of the major vaccine "issues" ie vaccines and autism and wonder what he says about vax ingredients.
Minkajane, I just reread the OP by Mom0810 and I think that you are probably right when you said this:"She's not saying that it's ok not to vax because everybody else is, so the kid won't get a VPD. She's saying that HER child is not putting OTHER children at risk because he is not vaccinated. If vaccines work so well, those other children are not at risk of contracting the disease even if he gets it" So, I guess the only concern is non-vaxed children putting other...
There is no problem, not to me at least.
Minkajane, Vaxed children are still exposed to pathogens and have to mount an immune response. Their response is swift since they have already been exposed and can usually rid their bodies of the pathogen before full onset disease sets in. But not all kids are the same and some will have greater titers of antibodies than others, so yes, the vaccine is not always 100%. Hope that helps, I am not an MD but that is my understanding. I think the biggest concern that the Today...
Mom0810, I think part of their point is that if people continue to stop immunizing, there WILL be outbreaks. An infected child will infect other non-vaxed children and yes some will be mild cases but some will not be. People can not rely only on herd immunity to prevent outbreaks, especially since more people are opting out of vaxes.
MK, I don't know specifics for this particular cell line. But common practice is to propagate and freeze down cell lines at lower passages and create a stock as you mentioned this way. WM
We're not doing it and our ped isn't pushing it and didn't give it to his 18mo.
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