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Oh for heaven's sake. The whole point is, if I am invited to your shower, and you are my friend, I KNOW what you want or will ask you personally. I am tired of being invited to showers for which people are registered for 100 diaper bags and for bloody Bugaboo strollers. I am sorry many of you did not receive showers. If you were my friend IRL I would have thrown you one (I usually do for my friends--and they go home with everything they need btw). Now, I am having...
Quote: Originally Posted by mama ganoush he said: "you know why groceries are so expensive? Because Jews own all of the food industries and Jews have no sympathy for the working man." and um, i'm jewish. Well then, you are perfectly situated to know ALL ABOUT this conspiracy. :LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by Potty Diva Hrm...I actually think it is REALLY helpful to send invitations to showers(wedding or other) that have placecards/notes saying where you are registered. I mean, don't you WANT to know what the person youare buying the gift for wants? Yep, I think it is rude to make it so clear you are expecting a gift from me. I dont' believe this because it is traditional etiquette; even if it were traditional to include...
Dear Tara, You are a really cool mom and community member. I like the way you recommended these cool, kid-lovin' folks to their bosses. Do you have a "boss?" Tell him/her Mydragonboy thinks you rock.
Have you tried checking yourself while lying in the bathtub? this is the only way I can reach around my big ole belly... There is no way I would even ask DH to do this. He is just not one of those DHs. He has his plus sides. This is not one of them.
It's different if you a. buy something for yourself or your family or b. give a party where you solicit gifts for yourself or your family.
: I am really interested in this too.
This makes me so mad. As pp stated above, someone being shocked by a 16-month old who was hitting? Oh please. I really really hate how other parents try to marginalize other children so early. my good friend's DD was an occasional biter aroudn that age, and the other parents called her the "biter." Yeah, way to go, let's make sure that behavior continues, shall we? Typecasting a kid before they are 18 months old? Rant over. Go and have a good time with DS. If the dad...
Quote: Originally Posted by SKK OK, I've used a diaphragm (when not ttc) from time immemorial... I just got a prescription for a new one (postpartum)... and the drugstore calls and tells me that no one is making them anymore?!?!?!? Has anyone else heard of this? What's the deal? Why? Just not popular/not a money-maker for the companies? I liked the diaphram! I don't want to put hormones and chemicals into my body every month, nor do I feel...
Perhaps keep a big piece of paper in your own diaper bag when you go out with her or an underpad nearby when she comes to your house? That is surprising, though it is funny what things bother folks in terms of germs...or not. )IE, I don't get the fabric things you can put on a shopping cart to protect DC. I mean, I GET it, but then after you are done, you have this fabric thing that is now impregnated with germs, unless you can somehow disinfect it?)
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