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I knew other Moms would empathize! I feel like we have tried SO MANY things. I make sure he eats as much as he wants, I nurse him as long as he wants at bedtime, I make sure he's tired, we have a routine, etc. He has ALWAYS been a 'bad' sleeper. I held him for naps for 9 months. He has never slept through the night. When I talked to my friends about it they all said, "Oh, you have to night wean if it's making you all that miserable!" so that's what we've tried. ...
Okay. I'm having a very bad day and haven't posted on MDC in awhile, but I need some support. I have been very AP with my kids, but my son (who will be 2 next month) is driving me INSANE. He still wakes every 2-3 hours at night wanting to nurse. After he nurses he still needs atleast 10 minutes of soothing from Papa before he's ready to go back to bed. He FREAKS if his Papa tries to rock, cuddle, soothe or offer a drink of water. There was a period of time where he was...
Try soaking ONLY THE INSERTS in vinegar and water overnight. It seems to really help. Then you can go on to using Calgon if you have hard water.
My 4 year old still switches back and forth, although it appears her writing is more clear with her right. She almost always eats with her left though. ????
I love Stefanie, but there are other great doulas in Lawrence too! (I'm just starting to take clients again after my son's birth last Feb. and I have a few friends that are doulas too. There are also some great doulas in KC that will travel to Lawrence.) Just wanted to chime in, but other than that, I agree with everything the previous poster had to say.
Right there with you. We are currently starting to walk, cutting 4 teeth, and fighting a cold. So nights have been torture...all on top of just the normal sleep issues at this age. (is there a sleepy smiley?) I can handle the frequent waking if he just nurses right back to sleep, but I am not so good at handling him wanting to be UP at 5 am. I can offer sympathy, and I need some myself!!
Quote: Originally Posted by tinyblackdot the thirsties are ok, but they left horrible red marks on my dd's legs. These are my hands down fav prefolds here is a totorial to help ya These are my ultimate fav cover And the Under The Nile Fitteds (GMD is out of stock untill feb) is my fav fitted. I agree with all of this! I like GMD prefolds and Thirsties covers, or Bummis covers, or even better WOOL! I was hesitant to try wool at...
Just wondering if anyone else has had kids whose top teeth come in first. Right now my 9.5 month old is about to get his top 4 teeth. They are ALMOST through the gums, but there are no signs of teeth on the bottom. FWIW, my daughter got one tooth on the bottom at 12 months, the rest came in the normal order after that.
Maybe do a HOT wash with a squirt of dawn in the wash. Then lots of rinses. I like Weleda's cream for getting rid of rash, but I don't think it's really safe for cloth. It stained my prefolds and caused a weird smell that took awhile to get out, but it eventually came out. Good luck!
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