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Anyone know know much about genetic seizure disorders? My 6 week old started having tonic clonic seizures at 1 week old. She's on phenobarbital twice a day and has already needed an increase. I'm hoping she outgrows them as she gets bigger. The neurologists think it is a genetic thing because there is a strong family history of seizures on her dad's side of the family.
I was ok with the c/s since she was pretty big, My major issue is how I was treated when I got there and after really. There are a lot of details that I need to get out, I'm just not ready yet.
  Liliana Rae
My issue wasn't so much the nurses except a couple, it was the OB on call. As soon as she found out that I had no prenatal care since we had been doing a UP she went to b*tch mode. I was not able to lay flat on my back due to being in active labor and already at 9 cms. When I said that I would not be able to lay flat on my back to deliver the baby she then started the crap about it being the only safe way for Lili to be born blah blah and if I didn't do what she wanted...
I went into labor on my own again, made it to 9 cms & still end up with a c-section. I know the section was necessary since Lili was breech, but everything still feels wrong to me.  Since I had, had a UP & was planning a UC I was treated like total garbage from the time we got to the hospital till the time we left. I ended up with the OB on call and she was the biggest witch on the planet the entire time trying to tell me that the only 'safe' way to deliver Lili even if...
Baby is here, ended up with a c-section. She was breech. LIliana Rae born 2-27-12 at 8:10pm. 9 pounds 15 ounces.
I am in the same state as you and FOC has been a world of help to me with child support being paid. But I will warn you based on the county you are in since you have your city listed their FOC office is VERY slow to get things going or enforce the order.
Think this little one might be coming tonight or early tomorrow. Definitely having contractions.
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