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That is a really upsetting thing to walk in on and see with your own eyes.  My sympathies are with you.   I hope you can get some understanding of this situation.   Have you spoken with them yet?  Have you told your husband?
Congratulations on your new baby girl!  We are waiting right now for a referral, and would love more info on this too.   
I'm sorry you're dealing with this.  We've had the same issues - and it really makes you crazy, doesn't it?    Obviously you need to get what is in there OUT first.  After that, here are some things we've added in our 4yo's diet to make things come out easy and not get back to the point of constipation:  Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Kefir.  Also, we ALMOST did an enema - but he finally went.   I hope she goes soon! 
I leave my almost 3yo and 4yo in the tub together.  I'm usually just in their room tidying up or putting laundry away, so I'm only a few feet away.  Plus they talk non-stop - so I can always hear that they are ok. 
Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it. Congratulations on your beautiful new baby
I have a few: DD (2) saw DH peeing, and she said, "Daddy, your penis has a hat on it!" After I had trimmed up down below a little bit, DS (3) said in a public restroom, "Mom! Why did you give your butt a hair cut?!" We went out to lunch with some of our friends, who have young children about the same age as ours. DS went into a whole discussion with his little friend (loudy) about why she should choose white milk instead of the chocolate milk she had, and that...
Quote: Originally Posted by kmamma What is so wrong with mixing ages when celebrating (and in other activities)? I so badly want to live in a society where kids are seen as an integral and natural part of an adult-centered world. Or perhaps even be part of a 'not childfree' revolution. Anyone care to join me? I think the point of the post is more about the above quite, rather than the specific situation you have coming up. Even if its not, that...
I really understand this as well. My kids go over to my mom's house every Wednesday evening. While the dinner she feeds them is pretty good, they get tons of treats like pop tarts, little debbie cinnamon rolls, and "healthy" nutrigrain bars. I feel like having a wonderful, close relationship with their grandparents outweighs the bad the treats might do (pretty scientific, huh?). Also, the break it affords me is priceless to me, and I'm not willing to rock the boat...
This morning in church, DD started patting my boobs yelling loudly, "I love your boobs mama! I love your boobs!" We got some looks.... It also cracks me up how she calls the left one "the little one," and the right one "the other side." She also will sing, "I have milky-moos, just for you!"
Quote: Originally Posted by BetsyPage I have made it twice, about 24+ hours each time. But I don't really like the taste of it, it's kind of blah slightly burned. I'm wondering if my crockpot runs too hot, it's a new one. What is bone broth really supposed to taste like? Like tasty when you drink it alone? 'Cause mine is not. I have cooked mine for a long time because I thought that was the best way to get the minerals out. The bones actually...
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