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Hi Philothea! Thanks for your message -- I have been meaning to write back!   So, here is my update! I was so ready to go into labor so that the CPS would go away! I had two false starts and finally gave birth at 40w+1d, which of course is almost on the early side! The CPS made labor a bit more difficult because I could not sustain the hands and knees position I knew works well for me -- hurt too much. Also, they wanted me to push from that position, but it was too hard....
Congratulations on your baby and doing EC! We discovered EC with my second quite by accident at 6 weeks when we were giving him naked time to heal a bad diaper rash. I would hold him over the sink as I waited for the water to warm up to clean him, and he started taking that as a cue to poop. We never turned back after that, and he was poop trained but still in diapers for pee after a week or two! Now I am ECing my little girl who is 2 weeks. I caught 3 pops and a pee on...
Wow, what a fantastic birth experience!! Congratulations!!!
Congratulations!! She is beautiful! So glad you got your girl! And wow that hair!! I'm sure everyone always comments as it is spectacular!! Best wishes to you!!
Congratulations!! So exciting!! Welcome to Elizabeth Rose!
Sorry to hear you are bummed! But can you still wait until 41 weeks? It is pretty likely you would go into labor naturally by then! And, the longer you can wait, the more likely your body will respond well to the induction. Also, dilation is pretty meaningless as things can happen fast. Baby being high should mean they won't break your waters though, since chord could prolapse. But they have already agreed not to, sounds like. Hope you figure out a plan that works for you!
Congrats Selissa! I had my baby this morning! Labor kicked in about 5:30 am with contractions 2-3 mins apart. She was born at 9:20 am in the birth center! Dilated from 6 cm to 9.5 cm 30 mins. She was 9 lbs 3.5 oz.
Anyone else have news? I am also avoiding FB. I went to birth center yesterday with mild but frequent contractions, dilated to 5 cm, and 80% effaced, and then they stopped! So bizarre. Trying to be patient.
Lsanchez, congratulations!!! Sounds like a perfect birth! I have been losing mucus plug last 2 days, with a ton going with bloody show in the last few hours. Hoping we go tonight!
Wow, Stef, tracking down your MIL does go a bit far!! Too funny! I am 39 weeks too, but I am so sick of the carpal tunnel and walking around at 4 cm that I really want to be done. Ugh. I had a professional massage on Sun that was just heavenly! She did the labor pressure points, and mentioned there are a lot in the feet and that it is a good excuse for a foot massage. So enjoy that!! What position is your baby in?
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