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How fun! Congrats on your girl!! Are your boys excited? Great to hear you don't have to worry about IUGR, and baby is head down! I'm curious about which way mine is facing -- have been getting a lot of kicks up high, so thinking she is also head down. Now just to get her LOA for a smooth birth!
Good point, Gizzy! I guess we'll just make do with what we have. We can always buy some sposies if necessary. Yay, another thing I am going to stop worrying about!
I started EC with my second son, and since he learned to poop in the potty at like 6 weeks, it occurred to me that cloth diapering was not so scary if it was just pee! I bought some Gro-via (he was almost 6 months) and some SoftBums because I liked the idea that they grow with baby and you don't need multiple sizes. I had 2 Softbums, and their Velcro started to crap out within like 4 months or less. I was not impressed! Grovia, on the other hand, has been awesome and has...
Very interesting -- I feel like my ribcage never went back to my pre-kids size -- there were some shirts that I was never able to use again because they were too tight around the ribcage. So do you have to get fitted in person (it sounds like it!)? I'll have to check my band size! I will maybe check out their website. Sounds good and I know a lot of people like them.
Glad you will be seen soon! Keep us updated!
@gizzyntaz, hey, were you over at genderdreaming too? I saw your user name on my post and just was wondering!   Oh my goodness, I can't believe we are getting so close! I am 29 weeks on Monday, but look about 33 weeks at least! It is scary how big belly is this time around. I have just started going through clothes, but have a lot more to do. We have not set up anything yet, and I guess we'll hold off on the crib anyway, since we have to have space for my mom and stepmom...
Congratulations! Timing is not a good predictor of sex of the baby. Things that are more important are your diet and exercise regime, DH's sperm count, the cervical fluid/environment near time of conception. Generally anything that is considered bad for conception works in favor of the likelihood of conceiving a girl. We took a number of measures to try for a girl this time (after conceiving 3 known boys, one of which was a loss).
I did have a pregnancy on the first ovulation after a miscarriage (but in my case, I miscarried again -- probably due to no supplementation with progesterone which I later found out was my problem). You should schedule an appointment and get an early ultrasound to see what is going on, how far along you really are. The earlier you get a dating ultrasound, the more accurate it is.    I know two people who were taking pill or emergency contraception early in pregnancy and...
Wow, I would definitely try to work on alternate arrangements ASAP. 1.5-2 weeks is simply too early to be gone for 12 hours at a time!! Even with a vaginal birth, much less with a csection! Of course, people do what they have to do, but if there is any way to avoid it, it would be worth it. They still have a few months to try to find someone else to cover for you. There is a reason typical disability insurance goes for 8 weeks after a csection. I would go with that as the...
More or less! My chocolate did not drip very well but I was able to smooth out the back okay.
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