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I love the Moby for the newborn phase. They are so snuggly right there on the chest! I even learned a wrap that holds them there while nursing which really came in handy, as I had a needy older DS at the time. It is true that they aren't made for heavier weights, but after 3 months or so, they're out of the "fourth trimester" and many of the other carriers work then, like Ergo and Mei Tai. I never had a woven wrap--I would love to try one but already have enough carriers...
Yes!! Thanks, I think that might do it!! I just bought the foil at the craft store, so this brown sugar trick just might work. Thanks!!
DS reacts to artificial vanilla (aka vanillin). His school is having a party on Friday and I just found out that I need to send in a gelt substitute. I found an easy recipe to melt down the chocolate, but I just don't have a mold. Is there something I could put inside muffin tins to make a mold? Any ideas?? Thanks!!
I had a similar situation with my first -- my bag of waters was bulging and the midwife thought that if she broke the waters, he would come right out. She asked my permission, and I didn't know any better, so said yes. Turns out he was posterior so any movement he could have had was constricted and he was unable to turn. My cervix started to swell (instead of dilating), I had an urge to push, and also got transferred to the hospital. I got an epidural and pitocin, and then...
wow, that's intriguing! Still not sure I understand how it works!!
I just talked to midwife today and 16 oz of OJ is an option, so I'll be doing that!
What you will get from the baby name wizard book that you can't get online is the lists/groups of names by style. Also, the list of names and the low-down on each one from the book. These are key, in some sense. However, if you already know the names you want to look up, you can go to the babynamewizard.com website and look them up (or behindthename.com is good for meanings and related names lists).   And, for the beyond Ava and Aiden, there is the website nameberry.com....
Wow, amy, that is going to be awesome for them growing up!! congrats!!
Wow! That is crazy! Good to hear you could just decline!! I think I'll ask to do OJ (seeing a midwife, so imagine that should be okay). Thanks for all the thoughts!
This is really a personal decision! On the one hand, it may be your last big trip before a baby changes your life and makes such travel all the more challenging! Once you are there, you may have a fabulous time!! Is it a place you have always wanted to visit? Are you dying to go? Then maybe just go for it! You need to bring your medical records and maybe a doctor's note, plus research care options in your destination locations, just in case. Remember to sit on the aisle...
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