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Thanks for posting your story! I also know what you mean about the unbearable pain -- had that with my first as well, and also ended up with epi, which IMO allowed the vaginal birth. Hoping for a different experience this time...this little guy is not posterior, thank goodness! Congratulations again! Hope you have a speedy recovery and are enjoying time with your LO!
Congratulations! Another quick birth!! How quick was it? Sounds like things moved extremely fast. Welcome Cora!!
Congratulations!!! Beautiful and so healthy!!
Yay!!! Congratulations!!!! Just under 10 pounds!!! What a big guy! What an amazing job you have done throughout the long, difficult pregnancy and now the birth!! Awesome!!
Oh, mama I feel for you!! Posterior birth is soooo hard. I can't believe you did it with no drugs (okay just a bit of stadol, which doesn't really get rid of the pain) for so many hours. Wow, and no tears? You are AMAZING!!! Congrats again!!
Wow, what an amazing birth story! Congratulations to you and your family!!! It sounds like hypnobabies really worked for you. Did you practice a lot with DH? He seems to have been so in tune with your needs. Congratulations again!!
Yay!!! Congratulations!!!!:jo y That is super that you made it through so much! And, his picture is adorable!!! Awesome, awesome job!! Hope you get some time to sleep.
Quote: Originally Posted by bri276 Lots of stupid, useless BH, some clear mucously stuff that just says "you're pregnant" not "you're dilating", mood swings bordering on lunacy that have been going off and on for a week... This is me exactly! I feel nothing at this point, just occasional menstrual cramping along with B-H, but I know nothing's really going on. I tried to check myself a couple of times, and as far as I can tell, cervix is closed....
Arg, this is what I fear about tandem nursing. Currently 38 weeks pregnant. My toddler is very high needs, and also throws a full out tantrum if I refuse (at night) or cut him off (at naps). If I refuse during the day, it's usually okay, as long as we can do something else. But, at night, it is yelling and screaming that lasts for at least 30 minutes. We had managed to night wean from nursing every 2 hours to just waking once between 4 and 5. Now, he's waking again 2-3...
Thanks everyone for your thoughts! I'm going to talk about it at midwife appt this week. In the meantime, just have to get used to the idea of being a little less far along!!
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