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We've been struggling with this since before he was a year old. He got in a cycle where it hurt, so he kept it in, it got harder, so it hurt more, kept it in, feared going, etc. To this day, at 2.5, he still has a hard time. We tried everything -- he would only eat whole grains and lots of fruit (especially prunes) and would still have trouble. For a while it was only meat and fruit, and still had the problem. Finally, gave into doctor's recommendation of a tablespoon of...
My DS has done the same thing! I'm 38 weeks now. Though, I guess it hasn't been quite as hard as you are describing. However, they always say that it really takes a lot to do damage, like a car crash or something, as opposed to an uncomfortable kick. I wouldn't worry too much, but by all means call your midwife if you are concerned!
I feel for you ladies! I'm convinced now that I don't/didn't have prodromal labor -- really not painful enough, and has mostly gone away now. But, here's to lending you gals some support! It sounds really awful to go through so much!! Hang in there!
They are totally different! I was never even interested in the butterfly with that insert thing. Here is a side-by-side comparison Gemini to butterfly: http://quirkybaby.com/category_117/B...y-Carrier.html The Gemini is pretty much like an Ergo, except that there is a bit more padding, the panel is a bit thinner and taller, and it has a few different features: 1. You can have baby on front facing out (just snap the bottom part in a bit, 2. Instead of a sleeping...
I'm so excited about this carrier!! I just tried it out 38 weeks pregnant with my 32 pound toddler on my back and it was actually comfortable! It works for 7-35 lbs, so can use it for a newborn without any kind of insert. It has a lot of support on your hips to carry all of the weight. I can't wait to try it out with baby!
Hmm, maybe baby has been sleeping a lot!! I got a ton of strong movement this evening around 6, totally convincing that baby is kicking strong! I would love to have a baby that's a sleeper, but I'm definitely not banking on that one!!
I'm 38 weeks now, and feel like baby is completely squeezed in there, and that he can barely move. I don't remember from last pregnancy whether this happened then. I'm not sure whether it's decreased movement, or just that he has less room. Are you feeling less now? I measure heartrate with doppler and it was about 155, so sounds fine, I think.
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! Can't wait to hear details! Congratulations!
Thanks Tribord for the update on how it worked for you! It sounds like even though having it during your actual birthing was not something that worked for you, all the preparation and previous listening did help you. If he was posterior, I bet it was intense. Great that HB helped you with that. Congratulations again!
Congratulations!!! That is so exciting! Can't wait to hear the birth story (and how it compares to your first birth!)!!!!
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