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Quote: Originally Posted by becoming Grr, that's what I was afraid of. My doctor called me in an antibiotic. I wanted to avoid taking it if at all possible, but do you think I should take it to avoid abscess/further infection? uhm, yes. I've had mastitis and it sucked. I would take the antiobiotics.
It's so strange. After I read this post I discovered that I too am in the same boat. Let down happens instantly for the baby but not for the 2 yo. DS#1 dosn't just pop on and off either. He'll sit and nurse for 30 minute stretches if I let him. I sometimes don't feel letdown with him but when he pulls away, there is creamy milk coming out of the corners of his mouth, so he must be getting something.
I keep forgetting that some people actually get hot summers. We live in the Pacific NW and it has been cold and foggy here for as long as I can remember. I don't even own a pair of shorts. I'm sorry that it is so hot for your babies, but I have to admit that I am a little jealous of your sunny days. That being said, we have used the ergo, a posh pappoose RS, and a woven wrap. So far, Rex likes the wrap best, but I wear the RS or ergo for errands because dealing with...
Here is a slideshow of some of the pics we took when he was first born. I need to add more. He's gonna be 2 months on Sunday. I can't believe how quick it is going by. http://s114.photobucket.com/albums/n...t=8c08a1fa.pbw
I'm sorry mama
Soaking in a tub w/ sea salt and/or appying a warm herbal rice pack helps a lot. I've had 2 sections. The first after 56 hours of labor; the 2nd was planned. Needless, to say it was a lot easier to recover from the second. I'm kind of a freak when it comes to surgery though. I was up and showering both times the day after delivery and shopping 1 week pp. I did experience numbness on my old incision until I had Rex. The surgeon removed some scar tissue and already...
Quote: Originally Posted by RainRaven did you have any problems with nursing/supply with it? None at all. He just turned 2 and we are still going strong. I think he wants to nurse more than the baby lately.
I'm getting the Mirena IUD on Friday. I had it after Bean was born and it was great. My periods were super light. Also, if you change your mind about #3, I got pg with Rex 2 weeks after I had it removed.
I know how you feel. I know that two is good and plenty. I cannot be pregnant again. I have had horrible HG with both pgs and I just can't be sick for almost another year straight again. DH would have dozens if we could, but I just know my body's limits. It is realy sad though. I'm having a hard time getting rid of my maternity clothes and clothes that Rex has already outgrown. It's just really hard to say goodbye to that part of my life. It just came so...
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