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Thanks for the laugh, Kailey's Mom. Not AT you, but at people who eat meat and claim to be vegetarian! I don't get it. I never have. I never will. Meat is meat is meat. Animals, be they mammals, birds, or sealife, are MEAT. Not for vegetarians to consume! LOL. The end.
That looks awsome!
Coconut oil is really good for removing makeup, particularly eye makeup.
My toddler gets this sometimes too, when waken too quickly or when really not ready...I (still?) get it too as an adult, on occasion, under the same circumstances, so I don't worry about it.
I did, and I was loud, and it was great. We had single male landlords/neighbors and we told them afterward and they were so squicked out LOL. FWIW, if I knew it might be a prob, or even worried about it, I would mentioned it to them beforehand, if I could, that we would be at home for a while. If it gives you more peace of mind. Othewise, just do your thing. Enjoy! Really the worst part was when we had to move and I was attached to that place because my baby had been...
Relationships with others, and then with myself.
I was totally one of those parents who turned up their nose at people with four year olds in diapers. Thought they were just lazy and their kids were outsmarting them, etc etc. Lo and behold, come to find out that even if you do everything to the letter, your child is still *who they are* with the personality, needs, development for *THEM*, and there is nothing you can do about it. Potty issues are hard because they have to be both CAPABLE, AND, WILLING. My oldest didn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnyflakes I don't drink. I simply don't like it. Alcohol has always burned when I tasted it, no matter how much fruit juice or other flavorings were added. And beer smells like cat pee to me. Sorry for that visual Plus, alcoholism runs rampant in my family so my parents never drank and always encouraged me not to drink. They weren't super against it or anything, but they always told me about the family members who were...
Thanks guys, I am making my way through that thread...so overwhelming! Any book suggestions here (I'd love to have all the vits/minerals/avoidences in a chart or something, lol)? Or should I just keep reading the other thread?
Hello there, I am (unfortunately!) a lurking regular on this board with one kid with very pronounced intolerances/allergies (not positive which, haven't been tested) and one possible. My partner and I talking about maybe having another baby and one of the things holding me back is the fear that I did something wrong in pregnancy to cause these issues previously. I am a long-term vegetarian who stays away from soy and eats whole foods. I am just wondering if anyone has...
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