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I decided that I just *can't* send cards this year... at least not for xmas... I am considering sending out Valentine's cards LOLOL. We were out of town for two weeks around Thanksgiving, got back on the 9th and had a huge party (with overnight guests) on the 13th and I still hadn't done a stitch of shopping, so I figured something had to give and cards was it I love sending cards, but have always noticed that I tend to get a lot of my cards from people *after* they...
Adele, are you trying to herd the cats again? LOLOLOLOL If you get 10 UU's in a room to discuss an issue, there will be at least 11 opinions expressed LOLOL!!
I echo everything meemee said, except I am in the same boat as you are... I am breaking his heart and it was the hardest thing I've ever done. But, it is the right choice. The right decision. Because we only go around once and we all deserve to be happy and healthy. The thing that finally clinched it for me was when my therapist asked me if one of my kids was in a relationship like this one (on EITHER side of the equation), would it be good enough for them? Or would I...
Bakugan. Don't ask. Bakugan. Flying off shelves. Bakugan. GAH!
Quote: Originally Posted by momma_unlimited Out of curiosity, did you consider persecution to be simply "non-supportive" of the homosexual lifestyle, or do you consider it to be openly insulting/judgmental towards the homosexual lifestyle? FYI, homosexuality is NOT a "lifestyle" that's highly offensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by GooeyRN Yep. Just trying to be nice and give him a break. He wont take a break unless I tell him to. He feels guilty going out while I remain with the kids and don't get breaks myself. I get flamed for trying to be nice to my dh and giving him some rest and do some brainstorming for ideas for him to do. Nice. I don't think asking why you are taking responsibility for *his* time off is flaming. Any psychologist...
Uh, why are YOU in charge of HIS free time? Is he incapable of planning his own respite? Please. Really. If anyone tried to tell me what to do on my time "off" I'd tell them to take a hike. And if he feels it's YOUR responsibility, that's even scarier. Plan YOUR time off. You get it, right? Does he plan yours for you?
woot!! that's awesome, tracy!!! I have it bookmarked :::::::::: :::
Oooh you all are awesome!!! I've got some thinking to do! I will come back once I tease apart some answers! THANK YOU!!!
I haven't gotten to the cost analysis part yet. I'm just curious, if, assuming it were affordable (that's the key IMO!) would this be a valuable resource to you as a hs parent? And, since you brought it up... what would "affordable" or good value for the money mean to you?? (i.e. $20 a month, $300 a year? What is the magic number??) I am thinking that it's a cost saving way to do things since you wouldn't have to purchase so many manipulatives on your own, there'd be...
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