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I told dh I think we should divorce. I'm scared and relieved and all sorts of conflicting emotions. I know it's the right thing... it's just scary to consider what life might look like. But I also know I'll be fine... my kids will be fine... it will all work out.
I know how you feel... totally different scenario, but I'm struggling with some of my FIL's choices now as well. What I've learned is that you have to let people be who they are, not expect them to be what you want them to be (not just *you*, but you in general LOL). If your FIL's gf doesn't parent the way you do, it doesn't make her choices wrong, it just makes them different. None of us have the right to try and force our values on anyone else (even if we are...
Quote: Originally Posted by teachma Maybe they're waiting for their *last* one to give it a different letter. How will they know a baby is their "last one"? Will her uterus come out with the baby?? LOL... I have visions of a fed up uterus, all tired and cranky with bags packed (ovaries?) stomping out of her vulva and with a huff walking out of the hospital... Yeah... I need coffee.
Get the book "The Dollars and Sense of Divorce" it will answer all of your questions and tell you how to go about it, basically step by step. Hugs to you. This is overwhelming.
I'm sorry you are sad Hugs to you.
What I meant by him "vibing on the crowd" was that he seemed to really ENJOY connecting with the people... it didn't seem that he was rushing through, or that he felt like it was a "duty". He seemed to really like being up close and personal with his constituents... well, future constituents LOL. :::::
Ahhhh... I am still flying on the high WOW is he an amazing person... and he was totally vibing on the crowd, too GOBAMA!!!
LOLOL... yeah, I thought of that, too, but figured the positive vibes far outweighed the germiness I am still flying high My ds is sooo excited!! He could hardly wait to tell his friends! We were going to go and see Biden today, but a family illness forced him to cancel Oh well.
I took my ds (8) to the Obama rally today in Newport News, VA... it's a two hour drive and the doors opened at 10:30, so we left at o'dark thirty this morning... waited in line for forever, got in and got right up close on the right side.... at the end when Obama left, he came right down the front and WE BOTH SHOOK HIS HAND!!! OMG!!!!! He has beautifully soft skin And he's every bit as radiant and approachable in person as he seems on TV I am on cloud 9 ::::::::::...
Thanks, GH I have looked at that site and bookmarked it I love the internet!!! I hope we can be a positive success story!!!
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